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Adam Jones Gibson Mini Replicas

Adam Jones Gibson Mini Replicas

Not much Tool news these days, so it’s nice to have something to post!

Many of you will recall that Gibson released a special full size replica of Adam Jones’ Les Paul Silverburst, and that it was pretty damn expensive, as well as hard to get. While we wait for a cheaper version of this (there are rumours of a regular signature model, or an Epiphone model) Axe Heaven has some officially licensed mini-replicas for you to buy.

The cost US$60 and look like they have quite a bit of detail. Sure beats a Tool pillow or blanket anyway!

Visit the Axe Heaven site for more details

Update: there’s also a couple of T-Shirts, as well as a guitar strap for sale on the Gibson store

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9 months ago

Ordered from Axe Heaven Sat 7th – Shipped Tues 10th – Due Tues 17th (QLD AUS).

Reply to  Sprout
9 months ago

Arrived today Monday 16th.

7 months ago

Just got this a week ago. It’s so inspiring having it on my shelf. My hopes were a little high I thought knobs might turn, switch might flip. It seems naked without a strap on it. Truly amazing little replica, I love how real it looks from a distance. They were out of stock but they are back in stock now.

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