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Tool 2022 US tour kicks off today!

Tool 2022 US tour kicks off today!

The day is finally upon us, and despite Covid hoping to ruin the party, it seems that the US Tool tour for 2022 will kick off shortly at the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon. A few snippets from some Tool fans snooping in on the soundcheck have revealed a few interesting songs being practice (I’ll let you trawl Reddit for these to avoid spoilers) but I’d note that the band quite often soundcheck what they don’t play.

The first poster for the tour appears to be one created by Adam’s wife Korin Faught, be sure to grab one when you hit the merch stalls.

I’ll be largely trying to avoind posting anything too spoilerish on the blog, but feel free to jump onto Discord or the Forum if you fancy chatting about the shows

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2 years ago

Last night show was excellent. No Undertow songs but still fun. Loved that they played Right In Two!

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