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Mackie Osbourne on Fear Inoculum Vinyl

Mackie Osbourne on Fear Inoculum Vinyl

Long time Tool artistic collaborator Mackie Osbourne has had another chat with the The Vinyl Guide. This time she covers the process behind the creation of the new Tool release – the Fear Inoculum Deluxe LP.

Mackie talks about the time it’s taken to get the design up and running, details on the manufacturing process, the etching and much more. She also talks a little about future vinyl plans for Tool, bringing a little hope to people like myself who are patiently waiting for good quality releases of Tool’s library.

Mackie has spoken with The Vinyl Guide in the past on Fear Inoculum, so if you enjoy this one, check out the prior interview as well.

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2 years ago

5 Discs could’ve held the entire album in higher quality 45 rpm. Minor editing on 1 song only. Why did we trade higher quality audio for pretty etchings?

Reply to  hellboy1975
2 years ago

Very true. I won’t open my copy when it arrives. I have 1 of each official studio album on vinyl but the only one I’ve listened to is Ænima because it was released on vinyl before CD. (Damn I’m old LOL)

2 years ago

Mine arrived today courtesy of an ultra quick JB HIFI. Absolutely beautiful! Easily worth the price. This band puts so much work into everything they do and this box set is no exception.

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