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Dälek “A Heretic’s Inheritance” featuring Adam Jones of Tool

Dälek “A Heretic’s Inheritance” featuring Adam Jones of Tool

New clip this week from hip hip act Dälek which includes a pretty heavy presences from Tool’s Adam Jones. According to MC Dälek:

“The core of this was built by myself, Mike Manteca, and Joshua Booth,” explains Will Brooks, aka MC Dälek. “I ain’t big on features on Dälek albums … but this one is different. Listening to the rough of this joint late night, I knew who’s sound would work perfectly. We’d talked about doing something together for a minute now. It begins with this. Peace to my brother Adam Jones from the legendary TOOL for adding another dimension to this piece. His guitars and synths say all the things I couldn’t say with my voice, so they got their own section to truly sing on in the final mix. I am humbled to have you on this joint fam, and love how seamlessly your sound fits in our sonic world!”

“I’ve been a fan of Dälek since they joined us on our 2010 tour,” explains TOOL’s Adam Jones. “Working together was something we’d thrown around in the past so when Will came to me with ‘A Heretic’s Inheritance’ I, of course, instantly said yes and began sharing ideas with him within a couple of days.”

You can order the album via Amazon, Ipecac Recordings or anywhere else you’d get your records from

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1 year ago

Unlistenable noise. What a waste of time.

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