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Dominic Hailstone discusses Opiate2

Dominic Hailstone discusses Opiate2

There’s a pretty interesting interview with Opiate2 video producer Dominic Hailstone up on He speaks about a range things, including his background, working with Adam Jones and hinting at further work to come with Tool:

And so when did you meet Adam Jones?
He contacted me around the time of The Eel, then the first time I met him was at an art gallery.
We got on and agreed it would be good to do something together. I’ve worked for Tool now for around 10 years now. Easily over 2 hours of visual work, some of which is now on tour, some of which is top secret.

Well worth the read!

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2 years ago

That was an excellent article! Can’t wait for Chet Zar DY5TOPIA Field Guide to arrive.

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