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Fear Inoculum Black Vinyl 180G 3LP

Fear Inoculum Black Vinyl 180G 3LP

Update: pre-orders for this release are now available on Amazon, feel free to use this link! Fourtheye gets a small commission from these sales, so it’s a nice way to support the site without making a donation!

Tool continued the onslaught on our wallets today by announcing yet another Fear Inoculum variant – this time a relatively standard LP edition:

Fear Inoculum is the Grammy winning masterpiece from Tool. Following the release of the limited edition single-pressing ultra-deluxe 5-disc vinyl box set, this critically acclaimed album is available now as a 3-disc 180 gram set, that features new artwork in a triple gatefold jacket and an exclusive poster

3 180 Gram BLACK vinyl discs, in tri-fold gatefold jacket, with 12”x 36” 2 sided poster.

I have a quick search this morning to see if there were other pre-order sites (especially important for those not in the US), but came up blank. Presumably this will be sold reasonably widely, so when I find some links I will post them on Fourtheye.

For those who prefer to use the Official Tool Store, check it out at this link

Other retailers of note:

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