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MTVoid release ‘Scanner Void’

Justin has been promising a new MTVoid release for a little while now, and it appears today is the day we get to see the first track off their next release. It’s called Scanner Void and the video is below for you viewing pleasure…

So what do you all think? It sounds to me like it’s very much in the same vein as their debut release. It’s a quite interesting collaboration, and I’m interested to hear more.

According to the video:

MTVoid, the duo featuring TOOL’s Justin Chancellor and Sweet Noise/Serce vocalist Peter Mohamed, return following a nine-year absence with their new song, “Scanner Void” (stream/save here:, which is available now via Chancellor’s own label, Lobal Orning. Death Grips producer Andy Morin lends drums and synths to the hypnotic track. In between a flurry of wailing siren-style squeals, Peter issues a guttural warning, “They are scanning your soul.” “Right now, technology is grabbing and shaping humanity,” Mohammed offers. “We sell our souls to this whole system that is devouring their beauty.” “Peter and I really push each other,” Justin explains, with the friends co-producing the track and forthcoming album. “My playing is a reaction to what he creates. He’ll hit me with a beat, and I’ll spend days recording to it—almost in stream-of-consciousness. I’ll respond to him, and I’m always excited at what he pulls out from my response. It’s all cause and effect. There is a means to this end though; we’re both trying to write a song we would like to listen to. There’s a genuine momentum to it.” Album details will be revealed soon.

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