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Tool tease something coming soon….

A somewhat cryptic post appeared across Tool‘s social media accounts today, hinting at something new coming soon – based on hashtags it’s implied that it may be 10,000 Days related. Check it out:

As to what it is? Perhaps the long awaited vinyl release of the record. Maybe it’ll just be more blankets? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

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10 months ago

We’re all brothers and sisters on the same umbilical cord. TTDays Vinyl. Or a new video. Or Live BlueRay compilation would be my top speculations. My top desire is always a new LP or EP. NOTHING is better than new music, not even live performance unless the live performance has new music the way Descending and Chocolate Chip Trip was teased. I was hoping my credit cards would start going down but with this and Crismos coming up … good luck.

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