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David Bottrill on producing Tool, King Crimson and more!

David Bottrill on producing Tool, King Crimson and more!

A great new interview with Ænima and Lateralus producer David Bottrill has appeared on Youtube this week. He speaks with Warren Huart on the Produce Like A Pro channel, discussing a range of production related topics. Included in this is his work with King Crimson, Robert Fripp, Muse, Remy Zero and of course – Tool. Here’s the video:

David Bottrill on producing Tool, King Crimson and more

Some interesting information in the recording of No Quarter at around the 58 minute mark. Great info, excellent channel – go ahead and take a listen!

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8 days ago

David Botrill comparing Aenima with Lateralus on which sounds better Around min 46

“On Aenema.. there are better songs!…”

If I’m not mistaken that’s his most relevant argument for the whole album sounding better than Lateralus… really ?! I would state that Useful Idiot would be his favourite tune!!! (sarcasm embedded remark) That’s why i like impartial, opinionated and professional people


Signed OG Tool fan 😉

Reply to  hellboy1975
8 days ago

I don’t ! Although maybe it would be enlightening to have a poll/rank for tool’s best sounding albums in general (recording mixing mastering etc) ? Or maybe best album by number of songs/favourite (1-5 level by song for instance) Or both ? Maybe I digress but since we listen to the albums more than the producers/engineers we should also a very good perception and saying on it!

Reply to  citizen_dick
1 hour ago

Wtf are you talking about??

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