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Justin & Danny join Primus for Jimmy Hayward benefit

Justin & Danny join Primus for Jimmy Hayward benefit

Les Claypool and his mates in Primus are throwing a benefit show for his buddy Jimmy Hayward. Among other things, Jimmy worked with Danny Carey in Legend of the Seagullmen and Freebird.

The show will take place on the 17th of April, 2023 at the Belasco in Los Angeles. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are more guests putting in an appearance on the night!

“Every now and again cancer steps into our world and pulverizes the lives of people that are dear to us. Such a thing happened a while back with our goodfriend Jimmy Hayward. Over the past couple years Jimmy has undergone many major surgeries to remove then reconstruct major damage from a cancer that invaded his bones. With a wife and two very young children at hand, Jimmy has shown incredible courage and tenacity in an unbelievably challenging time.

It is at this time that we in Primus and some of Jimmy’s good friends in the music entertainment world have decided to give a “brother a hand”, and do a live performance in his honor and for the benefit of his family. Please come down and witness a one time collaboration music event in celebration of our good friend.”

  • Les Claypool

Danny and Tool bass player Justin Chancellor are both listed as guests on the bill. Hopefully some cool Primus collaborations are on the cards! If you’re in LA, make sure you check it out!

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