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Tool confirmed for PowerTrip festival?

Tool confirmed for PowerTrip festival?

PowerTrip is a new metal themed festival from Goldenvoice – the same group that run Coachella. There were a few rumours floating around as to who might be headlining this (including Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, Iron Maiden) and it seems Tool may well have outed themselves via Instagram reel.

Presumably this festival will take place later in 2023 in sunny California. Stay tuned for more details!

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12 days ago

Hellboi. Since there isn’t anything happening I thought it could be an idea to post new set lists as they happen. Might not be that interesting to you but when I see they played a show I go and look it up.

May 21 – Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, FL, USA

  1. Fear Inoculum
  2. Forty Six & 2
  3. The Pot
  4. Pushit
  5. Pneuma
  6. The Grudge
  7. Eon Blue Apocalypse
  8. The Patient
  9. Invincible
  10. Stinkfist

*Note: “Schism” was played at soundcheck

10 days ago

I rarely make comments. Been a die hard fan for 30+. Entire casual wardrobe is Tool/APC/Puscifer apparel. Seen MJK 17 times live.

What a weak ass setlist – just weak (for so many reasons).

Reply to  hellboy1975
9 days ago

Few changes from previous tour and no real surprises. Any setlist by Tool is a great one, because of their golden discography, but give the fans a little something more/different/surprising after a tour hiatus.

Sonic got the same exact setlist.

(On another note: I can’t wait for Fear Inoculum to be moved toward the finale – maybe even be the finale – and for a new opener to be unveiled.)

Last edited 9 days ago by Vozzo13
Reply to  hellboy1975
7 days ago

I wouldn’t be playing the patient and invincible back to back.

Reply to  Maynerd
4 days ago

Makes me curious about what other fans might consider to be a “dream” setlist.

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