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Album Review: PetroDragonic Apocalypse

In the often decade long lulls between Tool albums the news cycle tends to slow down somewhat. I mostly highlight Tool (and related act) tours and occasionally a bit of related news. It seems to me though I should probably post some more, so if you’ll allow me to indulge, and may from time to time review a record I reckon the Fourtheye Crew would be interested in.

First up is the latest King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard album PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night. I reckon it’s an album that many of you are familiar with it, but if you’re not then I can highly recommend it! The band are quite prolific, and tend to shift styles somewhat between albums.

The latest is a nod to their metal heroes, and given the progressive nature of their music has quite a few Tool-like moments strung throughout. While it doesn’t have the lyrical and vocal depth Maynard provides for Tool, the album is heavy and full of Tool-like riffs and drumming. The final three tracks in particular – Gila Monster, Dragon and Flamethrower really cap off a banging listen.

You can grab the album from the usual haunts, including Amazon, Bandcamp, and of course your local record store. I ordered it on Rainbow Vinyl from my local just the other day – keen to give it a spin!

What do you lot think? Enjoyed this album, or have something else you reckon we should check out?

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11 months ago

If this album or a song from the album doesn’t win the Grammy for Best Metal Performance then I don’t believe in anything anymore.

Using Dragon as an example: If Tool or Meshuggah had released this song; the specialist press would be full of praise for how technically sophisticated the songwriting and arrangement is. Now this Australian band is coming along and throwing out this force of nature between synthpop and blues. I really hope this masterpiece gets the attention it deserves. In my opinion, Dragon is easily on par with 7empest. Come on. flog me

11 months ago

I gave it a listen last night. Good stuff.
These guys have been on my radar for a while, and I was able to go see them at the Greek in LA in 2019. It’s even harder to keep up with their releases than it is with the Melvins.

11 months ago

Yep, its hard to keep up with these guys but timing is everything. Caught Gila and Dragon on single release and interest was spiked. The album is decent, they have shifted to heavier stuff in the past (rich word…was it last month?) but PetroDragonic is a little more progressive and dig it. Recommended.

Last edited 11 months ago by Earthrocker
11 months ago

I’ve been loving this album… but Dragon into Flamethrower are absolute stand-outs that thump my soul just right.

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