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Tool 2023 US & Canada Tour Dates

Dates for the Tool 2023 US & Canada tour have leaked online just prior to the scheduled ToolArmy announcement, and it’s good to see a good spread of dates across the continent:

Tickets will be available from the usual venues I expect. ToolArmy pre-sales will apparently get you 4 tickets in total. Some details from TA:

Hi Tool Army-

As valuable Legacy/Lifetime or Annual Subscribers of the Tool Army, we are pleased to announce your 2023 Tour Presale Code is now Available! 

You must be a Legacy/Lifetime or Annual Subscriber to receive this benefit.  If you would like to upgrade your membership and receive a Pre-Sale Code, please go here:

To access your PRESALE CODE, login and go to MY PROFILE, then click MEMBERSHIP, and scroll down to PRE-SALES TICKET CODE, it will look like “ARM752bPJ8”

On the date of the PRESALE you will be able to copy and paste the code into the ticketing site for the venue(s) you choose. 

Your code will allow you to purchase a total of 4 tickets for the tour (e.g., 4 tickets to 1 show, 1 ticket to 4 different shows, or 2 tickets to 2 different shows, etc). 

Please do not share your unique pre-sale code with anyone else, as we can’t issue you a new one if someone else uses your unique code. 

If you don’t see the MEMBERSHIP button on your Profile, that means the system doesn’t recognize you as a Legacy/Lifetime or Annual Members of Tool Army.  Please make sure you are logged in using the exact same Email address you registered with on the old platform. We are unable to transfer your membership to a new email address.  You can reset your password for your original email here:

Tip:  If you purchase a new annual membership and don’t see your pre-sale code immediately, please log out and log back in, then check in My Profile —> Membership once more. 

If you still feel there is an error with your account, please contact Customer Support and select the option for SUBSCRIPTION ISSUE. 

See you on Tour soon!

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3 months ago

The band’s gonna be hanging out in Boise Friday the 13th. I feel like that could result in some excellent shenanigans.

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