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Toolarmy update & Tour dates incoming!

Toolarmy update & Tour dates incoming!

ToolArmy, the official fan club for the progressive metal band Tool, has undergone a major revamp in recent weeks. The new site features a social media-style interface that allows users to log in, update their profiles, and post Tool-related content such as posters, memes, and other social media posts. Users can also earn points for their activity on the site, which can be redeemed for merchandise or other rewards. Though I suspect in the tradition of the old ToolArmy site these points will count for very little…

For anyone who may be interested – here’s my profile. I don’t really intend on posting with any kind of regularity, but quite happy to connect with Fourtheye fans there.

In more interesting news for Tool fans, it seems that the promised tour dates for the later half of 2023 (and possibly early 2024) are imminent. Posts on Twitter and other social media suggest dates in both the US and Canada are coming:

It’s not super clear to me what type of TA presales will be available – certainly VIP tickets will be, and it’s possible regular tickets may be as well. It’d be nice though if things were a bit clearer, especially if you’re in the position of needing to determine whether dropping $55 is worth the access.

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3 months ago

So my experience with the new site wasn’t great. Firstly unable to log in, attempted the rest password option but the site had no record of my email address.
So thinking it’s a total reset of the site and in a generous mood, I ponied up the coin and joined again.
Logged in the next day to see two “me’s”, one new and one grandfathered version.
We truly are battered wives to this band.

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