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Adam chats with Pollstar on touring planning

Adam chats with Pollstar on touring planning

There’s an interesting new interview (though relatively short) with Adam Jones from Tool today on the site Pollstar. The article covers a few perspectives on how Tool tour, and plan their tours. There’s also a few insights from other people including John Branigan – who I think is Tool’s booking agent.

Don’t go in expecting any Tool news, (there isn’t any) but it’s an interesting read none the less. Tool kick off their next tour on the 22nd of September at Louder Than Life in Kentucky, followed by a few more festival dates and then a regular tour around the US. They wrap up on the 22nd of November in Toronto.

No word yet on more tour dates, though social media did hint that we’d see the band doing more shows in 2024. Hopefully Australia makes the cut!

Oh, and in case you missed it – Adam’s partner Korin had a baby girl a few days ago. Happy times in the Tool camp!

Photo credit: Travis Shinn

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22 days ago

I like Pollstar but they’ve really been lacking in keeping touring info updated lately. Just because competition increases shouldn’t mean you give up. C’mon now. October I get to see Tool again … so f-ing excellent!

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