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Justin Chancellor with The Vinyl Guide

  • Tool
Justin Chancellor with The Vinyl Guide

While preparing to hit the road with Tool, and in the lead up to the latest MTVoid release, Justin Chancellor has spoken with the crew at The Vinyl Guide. It’s a great interview, and he speaks about a bunch of interesting topics.

A few of my takes from the interview

  • Tool will be touring in January and “busy until after spring” – bodes well for Oz tour dates in the first half of 2024 I reckon
  • Tool vinyl is coming – eventually!
  • Justin isn’t sure why Salival isn’t on streaming services, suspects publishing rights but will investigate
  • Keen to start writing for the next album once touring commitments are done
  • Seemed keen to try and work out how MTVoid might perform live
  • Take your kid to a Tool concert if you want a pick or drumsticks
  • Seems largely unaware of hype around posters

Check it out:

You may recall that the Vinyl Guide has also spoken with Mackie Osbourne, who has also commented on vinyl releases. I’m sure we’ll see them one day, I’ve given up trying to guess when, but I’ll be first in line when they do.

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