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Meeting Adam in Malibu

ebackwardse from Toolarmy emailed me today (he also posted it on the Toolarmy boards) to tell me about his meetup with Adam at the recent Doctors Without Borders fundraiser.  Sounds like it was a good event for a worthwhile cause: Location could not of been better!!! The restaurant was very small, but not at all crowded. As we walked in we were standing right next to the brother from Everybody… Read More »Meeting Adam in Malibu

Meet Adam Jones at Docters Without Borders Fundraiser

According to a recent post by Blair, Adam will be a greeter at an upcoming Docters Without Borders function in Malibu: Next week “Malibu Global Awareness” will be holding a series of fundraising events in support of “DOCTOR’S WITHOUT BORDERS.” ADAM will be a ‘greeter” at one of these “MID SUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM” events – helping with what is certainly a worthy cause on TUESDAY, JULY 14 at TAVERNA TONY… Read More »Meet Adam Jones at Docters Without Borders Fundraiser

Lustmord discusses Tool, Melvins

isdfx from Toolarmy pointed me towards an interesting interview with Lustmord on All Things That Rock.  Here’s an excerpt: (Lustmord) Adam Jones is another good example of not so much the instruments he plays, but the person himself and the attitude and the aesthetic he brings to it. We had talked about him maybe not using a guitar because he makes great electronic music and really interesting experimental work outside… Read More »Lustmord discusses Tool, Melvins

Offline by Matthew Santoro

Posted on Toolband/Army today is a quick article talking about a new Sci-Fi movie from Matthew Santoro called Offline. The movie, as well as looking pretty cool apparently takes some influence from Adam Jones: My goal was to make a dark and gritty sci-fi/horror based cybernetic dream experience type thing with a couple of good friends, a camera, some duct tape, and a computer. Pure Gorilla as they call it.… Read More »Offline by Matthew Santoro

Isis interview on Triple J

I’ve just finished listening to a brief interview with Aaron Turner from Isis, recorded by Andrew Haug for Triple J’s The Racket program (presumably what Three Hours Of Hour/Full Metal Racket is now called).  Was a short interview, doesn’t really reveal a massive amount we don’t know, but he does discuss how Adam came to be involved in the record.  It appears it mainly happened because Adam and Aaron Harris… Read More »Isis interview on Triple J

Adam Jones designs Melvins poster

Adam has designed one of the posters for a series of gigs by the Melvins this year celebrating their 25th anniversary.  My understanding is that these posters may be available for sale at these shows.  Other posters have been designed by the likes of Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam. The 25th Anniversary shows are: May 15, 2009 – New York, NY – Webster Hall May 16, 2009 – Boston, MA… Read More »Adam Jones designs Melvins poster

Adam Jones Names Top 10 Guitarists

Guitar World has a new article on it’s website featuring a top 10 guitarist list by Adam Jones.  He talks about the guitarists he finds most influential, with some obvious references (King Buzzo, Robert Fripp) to the not so obvious (Dr. Know and Ronald Jones).  Check it out here!

News Catch-Up!

I’ve been away for a few days, and have missed out on several little bits and pieces of Tool related news. No tour news though, which is what people really want! Firstly, Maynard appears in the new movie Crank 2, which also features Danny Lohner, Mike Patton doing the soundtrack, and some dude from Linkin Park.  Thanks to Ziggy and AZB for the tips. In another movie related item, apparently… Read More »News Catch-Up!

The Pot video details

Mahamundra from Toolarmy pointed out a quote from the recent Guitar World interview with Adam Jones, and a recent tweet from Meats Meier as having something in common…. Adam Jones: We’re working on ‘The Pot’ but Ive been really lazy lately[Laughs]. The setup for it is a-lot more epic, so its actually good that we’ve been able to have more time. Its going to be all stop motion and in… Read More »The Pot video details