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Articles related to Adam Jones, guitar player for the band Tool

Adam in Guitar World April 2009

Adam Jones will be in the April edition (though it’s coming out in February) of Guitar World, as part of a special on Cults, and Cult Guitar players.  Also in the magazine according to the cover are transcripts, including bass for The Pot.  Thanks to Bellami for the details.

Adam in Guitar World?

According to Blair there is a rumour going around that Adam is going to be featured in the magazine Guitar World.  I haven’t heard this rumour before, so perhaps Blair is starting it – who knows!  Apparently Blair will get back to use as to whether this is true or not.

MJK on New Tool Video and Album

Brian emailed me this quote today, apparently taken from a new interview with Maynard in Revolver: Adam is working on a new video at the moment. I can’t say for what song. When that winds down, we’re gonna try to get back in the writing space. When we’ve actually picked an engineer you’ll have an idea that there might be a record coming someday. Any speculation on what video is… Read More »MJK on New Tool Video and Album

Maynard in Movies, Isis Album

Frostadamus tells me that Maynard is in two movies coming out this year. The first is The Other Side, where Maynard plays a series of roles (Hippie/Chauffeur/Pilot/Bartender/Butler/Bait Shop Clerk). The second is Crank 2: High Voltage where he plays an uncredited Dog Walker. Isis have named their new album Wavering Radiant according to Blabbermouth.  This album, to be released on Ipecac Recordings on the 5th of May, will feature Adam… Read More »Maynard in Movies, Isis Album

The F Word

Adam Jones now has a Facebook account for those that are interested.  There’s also now a Fourtheye page on Facebook as well if anyone wants to join… Thanks to Kyle for the tip!

Adam’s Birthday, Isis’ Gift

Happy Birthday to Adam, who turned 44 on the 15th of January. Also revealed on Toolband/Army is the fact that Adam will be the guest on the upcoming Isis album, not Maynard as speculated…

Adam and Alex Grey Collectors Set

For those of you who missed the Signed Salival Sale the other day, and still have US$200 burning a hole in your wallet, a Collectors Set available at the CoSM website is for you. Featuring copies of the Vicarious and Parabola DVD signed by Adam, as well as the Revolver Tool issue signed by both Adam and Alex. Presumably limited so don’t miss out!