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Stuff posted by Blair on Toolband/Army

Grumble’s Star by Blair Mackenzie Blake

Grumble’s Star by Blair Mackenzie Blake

  • Blair

The final book in Blair Mackenzie Blake‘s trilogy Grumble’s Star (also including The Othering and The Paragon Junk) is out now for your reading pleasure! While I admit reading Blair’s musings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s plenty of dense prose for those who enjoy that kind of thing to sink their teeth into. You can order it now on Amazon! Here’s a blurb: While searching for a… Read More »Grumble’s Star by Blair Mackenzie Blake

Tool January Newsletter

Blair released the Tool January Newletter today, despite the fact it’s February.  It talks about, and includes a picture of a bug found in a readers Vicarious DVD, and includes a vision, which may or may not mean something.  Not sure what to make of it, but the reference to various Toolarmy Ranks and so on could have some meaning.  Change coming to the website soon perhaps? There’s also a… Read More »Tool January Newsletter

December Tool Newsletter

Blair released the December Newsletter on Toolband today, and surprisingly it’s somewhat on topic.  For those who can’t be bothered reading it: Nothing happening on the Tool front at the moment, but song writing will probably commence once the holiday season is over (with presumably Maynard joining them after the Puscifer shows).  Also, no decision has been made as to whether or not they might tour in 2009.  Personally, I… Read More »December Tool Newsletter

Salival DVD’s

Blair posted an update for Toolarmy members desperate for the signed Salival DVD‘s today, mentioning that it’s unlikely to go on the market until after 3:00PM LA time, and that “MERCH” loves Italian, and will probably take the budget right down to the last penny. I take that to mean that he’s not planning to take our budgets to their last penny, more that it’ll be similar to the original… Read More »Salival DVD’s

Signed Salival DVD’s on Sale Soon!

A Toolarmy Exclusive post today from Blair revealed that a hidden stash of Salival DVD‘s has been found in the Tool warehouse, and that 33 of these have been signed by the band recently and will be sold to Toolarmy members this Xmas.  These DVD’s (price unknown at the moment) will go on sale in the Toolarmy Bazaar sometime this Friday. According to Blair’s description: unlike the earlier ones, this… Read More »Signed Salival DVD’s on Sale Soon!

November Newsletter

Blair posted a one paragraph November Newsletter on Toolband/Army today, letting us know that Camella and Rynne have been on a Great White Shark Adventure and included a picture.  He also mentioned to be thankful that Adam and Danny weren’t there.  Perhaps they were busy doing something else…

October Newsletter

Blair has posted the October/Halloween Tool Newsletter, which mainly outlines his and Danny‘s trip to the Guitar Hero World Tour party in LA.  A somewhat interesting read, but I’m sure most Tool finds will find the following statement much more interesting: Oh, one more thing: “No”, GHWT wasn’t “the big thing” (your words) alluded to in earlier posts. I believe that’s still a go. In the meantime, keep on rocking… Read More »October Newsletter

Slow News Week

Not much has happened this week, so here’s a few  Tool and non-Tool related items I noticed going on. The Puscifer store is either open, or opening very soon Jerome Arizona according to a post from Blair on Toolband.  Not doubt most of the merchandise available from the Puscifer online store can also be had there. Daily Grail are having a donation drive at the moment, and are offering a… Read More »Slow News Week

Tool Newsletter, Wine Signings

The Augustember edition of the Tool newsletter is now out on Toolband/Army, and as promised it largely talks about Danny & Blair’s recent trip to Maynard’s Vineyard. A somewhat interesting read but don’t expect much Tool insight. There’s also some more information regarding Maynard’s upcoming Wine Signing Sessions at Whole Foods Markets about the place: “Vineyard owners Maynard James Keenan and Eric Glomski kick off signings of 2007 Arizona Stronghold… Read More »Tool Newsletter, Wine Signings


A couple of things have passed my desk today. Firstly there are a couple of new articles up on Toolband, on talking about Blair and Danny‘s trip to Maynard‘s vineyard.  Apparently this will be the covered in more detail in the next newsletter.  Blair also tells the tale of Danny losing $400 in a ATM recently after being asked for an autograph.  Oh the stories we hear when there is… Read More »Snippets