Danny Carey

Danny Carey is the drummer for the band Tool, and also plays regularly in Los Angeles as part of Volto! and various other acts at the Baked Potato.

Danny is also considered one of the worlds leading drummers, and regularly appears at the pointy end of many Top Drummers lists. For all articles on Danny Carey, use this category!

Danny & Justin streaming soon!

Danny & Justin streaming soon!

Just a couple of quick updates, firstly Tool bass player Justin Chancellor will be taking part in the Berklee College of Music’s bass player seminar this Thursday at 10 am US Pacific time. Instagram has all the details you need! Also happening this weekend is a stream from the Baked Potato, featuring Danny Carey sitting in with the Webb All Stars. If you’re like me, and always been keen to… Read More »Danny & Justin streaming soon!

Daniel Romano’s Outfit featuring Danny Carey

Daniel Romano’s Outfit featuring Danny Carey

In between being a new Dad, and writing a new Tool EP (lol) it seems that Tool drummer Danny Carey has found the time to appear on Daniel Romano’s latest creation: Forever Love’s Fool Danny’s playing tabla and percussion on this proggy album (FOREVER LOVE’S FOOL) by DANIEL ROMANO’S OUTFIT. That’s one way to keep your mind occupied during the quarantine. Thanks to Ben Sherazi for tracking files sent via… Read More »Daniel Romano’s Outfit featuring Danny Carey

Vic Firth presents Danny Carey playing Pneuma

Vic Firth presents Danny Carey playing Pneuma

Amazing footage this morning, with some multi-angle and excellent sounding footage of Danny Carey working the kit during a recent performance of the track Pneuma off Tool‘s latest album Fear Inoculum. It’s great stuff, and well worth the time investment for drummers and Tool fans alike!

Danny Carey speaks to the Trap Set

Cool interview released today, with Danny Carey speaking to Joe at the Trap Set in a pretty open and candid chat about Fear Inoculum and Tool in general. It’s oine of the best I’ve heard with Danny, so well worth the time to check out: Danny Carey is the rare artist with a wildly ambitious imagination, coupled with the virtuosic ability to manifest his singular ideas. Joe joined Danny at… Read More »Danny Carey speaks to the Trap Set

Happy Birthday Danny!

I don’t always wish band members Happy Birthday on here any more, but since I was sent a special photo by reader slaamri I have a nice photo of some signed merch to share. From slaamri to Danny: Happy birthday from France! And I know the sentiment is expressed worldwide! Hopefully all those at the Tool show this evening will give him a solid rendition of Happy Birthday to You.… Read More »Happy Birthday Danny!

The Danny Carey Trio

Looks like Danny Carey has a new side project with some dudes from Zappa Plays Zappa: Stumpfest takes place over Easter this year in Portland, Oregon, and features other great acts such as Elder, Baptists and Earthless. As per the Facebook post above, the Danny Carey Trio join the party on Saturday night the 20th of April. In other Danny related news, I note a recent post on Toolband: The… Read More »The Danny Carey Trio

Tool January 2019 Newsletter

Some were expecting the latest Tool newsletter from Blair would contain an announcement, and while technically it did, it probably wasn’t the one they are expecting! As has been reported before (I think), Danny has been working on a new book, and it will be out “soon”: I am excited to announce that Danny’s new book Remember the Future is finally at the printers.  Over three years in the making, the coffee… Read More »Tool January 2019 Newsletter

Danny’s Drum Altar in the studio catches fire

There was an Instagram post from Adam Jones recently which showed a picture of Danny Carey holding a melted drum head, presumably outside the studio while recording the new Tool record.  Danny’s website now has an explanation for  the fire: Danny’s drum altar burst into flames the other night after he finished tracking one of the tunes for the new TOOL ALBUM. This occurred while he was listening to the… Read More »Danny’s Drum Altar in the studio catches fire

Legend of the Seagullmen debut with Primus

The Legend of the Seagullmen, a band featuring Danny Carey, as well as Brent Hinds from Mastodon will play it’s debut show at the Primus NYE Party in San Francisco later this year.  Going by social media posts recently it sounds like they’ve been recording as well, so expect some news on an album sometime eventually. Primus will return to the Fox Theater in Oakland for a Goblin New Years… Read More »Legend of the Seagullmen debut with Primus

John Ziegler’s Stroke Recovery Fund

Sad news this morning in that it appears Volto! and Pigmy Love Circus guitarist John Z has recently suffered from a serious stroke.  My understanding of the US Medical system, is that it’s mostly a joke, so financially John appears to be under much strain.  A Gofundme account has been set up, and I’d encourage those with a few spare dollars to send some his way. John “Johnny Z” Ziegler… Read More »John Ziegler’s Stroke Recovery Fund