Danny Carey

Danny Carey is the drummer for the band Tool, and also plays regularly in Los Angeles as part of Volto! and various other acts at the Baked Potato.

Danny is also considered one of the worlds leading drummers, and regularly appears at the pointy end of many Top Drummers lists. For all articles on Danny Carey, use this category!

Antiquiet Puscifer Review

Johnny Firecloud (presumably not the dude in jail who leaked Chinese Democracy) from Antiquiet posted an extensive review of the recent LA Puscifer gig, that’s well worth reading: Gil Sherone (of Stolen Babies & Dillinger Escape Plan) pulled back-up duty for Alexander throughout the night, laying backbeats over the rhythm and filling out the band’s sound. He turned the sticks over to Tool drummer Danny Carey, however, who played on… Read More »Antiquiet Puscifer Review

Josh Freese Since 1972 Packages

A few months ago I posted about Josh Freese‘s new album Since 1972, and outlined the various packages that could be purchased.  Many people suspected that much of this was a joke, but a recent blog post from the Amateur Chemist suggests that he’s coming good with his promises!  It even suggests that there has been someone wealthy enough to afford the $20,000 package, which includes mini-golf with Maynard: Josh… Read More »Josh Freese Since 1972 Packages

Tool February Newsletter 2009

Blair has released the February 2009 Newsletter somewhat secretly this time, as there wasn’t a post in the new about it.  It gives us an update of all the members, which I shall summarise below: Adam is working on several big undisclosed projects (the video presumably) Maynard is Puscifering, as we already know Danny & Justin have had a very productive jam session a couple of weeks ago Thanks to… Read More »Tool February Newsletter 2009