Volto – features Danny

Volto and The Chat

More Volto news on Toolband/Army. It looks like they’re playing on October 30th at the Baked Potato. In case you’ve forgotten Volto include Danny Carey, John Ziegler, Kirk Covington and Lance Morrison. It’s also been reported that Eddie Van Halen was as on of John Ziegler’s regular jam nights. No word on whether he actually played or not. Toolarmy members shouldn’t forget about the TA Chat on this Wednesday (Thursday… Read More »Volto and The Chat

Volto, Tool Spam, Torrents, Girl Shorts!

A few updates on Toolband/Army. Firstly, Volto are playing at the La Ve Lee Club in LA on the 15th of September, and then at the Knitting Factory in LA on the 28th of September. Tickets see out in advance apparently so make sure you make arrangements, rather than just rocking up at the door. Don’t forget to ask Danny about the new CD, and see which cryptical answer he… Read More »Volto, Tool Spam, Torrents, Girl Shorts!

Joshua Davis Updates

Found this on Toolarmy this morning, apparently an update (source unknown) from Joshua Davis regarding the new CD, Website, and other stuff. Joshua Davis (Grandmaster Flash) Spark 05 Hamilton On Tool: Recording began recently – as in August (dates and pics from Adam’s myspace are accurate). No suggestion of a possible release date for the album or new website(s). The website will be updated when finances are made available to… Read More »Joshua Davis Updates

Lateralus Vinyl Sold Out!

It looks like the Lateralus Vinyl has either sold out or been removed from the Tool site. I can assure you all it did appear for a few hours last night, and was still available when I went to bed (about 10:30 Australian EST). It seems to be gone this morning, so if you didn’t get one, I’d imagine you’ve missed out. Just have to wait until it arrives in… Read More »Lateralus Vinyl Sold Out!

Danny’s schedule

Another post from Blair on Toolband, this time relating to Danny’s appearances in the coming weeks. On Wednesday July 27th he’ll be appearing with Scott Kinsey (of Tribal Tech) and Steve Tavaglione (sax and EWI) at the La Ve Lee jazz club in Studio City (12514 Ventura Blvd. 818-980-8158). Sounds interesting. He’ll also be playing with Pigmy Love Circus on the 6th of August, coming straight from the recording studio.… Read More »Danny’s schedule

BMB Ramblings

Blair has once again made a couple of posts on Toolband/army. A lot of fluff but a few interesting things. Firstly Volto and Pigmy Love Circus should be playing in August, when Danny is less busy with his other band. Secondly the Pigmy’s seem to have a myspace site here. Finally, and more importantly to us Tool fans, that he’ll reveal further information on “this ‘Teleincision’ business that I keep… Read More »BMB Ramblings

Prying Open

About two years ago, I discovered RSS feeds. As simple method of streaming information and news from a correctly set up website. Shortly after that I discovered a Blog, the Living Colour Blog, which outlined the news and events of the band Living Colour. It included an RSS feed, which I find makes life very easy to collect the kind of information I wanted about the band. Today, as I… Read More »Prying Open

Incitare Deluxe Bundle now available

Kat messaged me this morning to let me know that the new Volto! album Incitare is now available for order as part of a Deluxe Bundle. According to the site the bundle includes: Exclusive, limited edition, 180 gram audiophile Vinyl edition of the album Incitare featuring the limited edition album artwork, an etching of the VOLTO! “Shock Rat” (same design as the T-shirt) on Side D, designed by Adam Jones… Read More »Incitare Deluxe Bundle now available

Volto!’s Incitare now streaming

Volto!’s debut album Incitare is now streaming via the Rolling Stone website. It goes on sale via Amazon and iTunes very soon, and presumably physical media will be on sale early in August. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Volto! Tocino!

Volto! have released a video today for the track Tocino from their album Incitare. Featuring Danny, Blair are presumably some other cameos, here it is: