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Hellboy’s Top 10 albums of 2020

Hellboy’s Top 10 albums of 2020

Happy Invasion Day everyone! A few weeks ago I gave you Fourtheye’s Top 10, and now it’s my turn. There were plenty of cool albums this year, and this time around my Top 10 aligns somewhat with yours, with a number of shared albums. This year, I reckon it was a pretty decent one for releases. While a few I found a little underwhelming (in particular Puscifer & Mr Bungle)… Read More »Hellboy’s Top 10 albums of 2020

Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2020

Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2020

It’s 2021, so now is the time to take a look into what are your favourite albums of the year. We were somewhat down on votes this year compared to normal, possibly due to COVID detachment, or perhaps due to the slowly decreasing relevance of traditional blogs on the internet. Either way the results were a mix of the predictable, as a well as a few interesting choices There was… Read More »Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2020

Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2020 Poll

Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2020 Poll

2020 has been a very interesting year, to say the least, but one that’s been full of many fine albums! As usual, I’m running a poll to see what your favorite albums are. I’ll compile this over the next month, with the poll closing on Xmas eve. Shortly after that I’ll post the results, and also my top 10. You can register your votes now by using this link You… Read More »Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2020 Poll

Fourtheye Readers Best Album of 2018 Poll

It’s December once more, and that time of year usually elicits Best of Lists from websites far and wide.  Fourtheye is no different, except we do it collectively, and them publish at the end of the year rather than rush it out early (I’m not willing to rule out the new Graf Orlock album from my list just because it’s not released yet). Rules are simple: Must be an album… Read More »Fourtheye Readers Best Album of 2018 Poll

Support Fourtheye artist Frank Heiler

Hopefully many of you will remember the artwork inspired by Tool and Fourtheye that as created by American artist Frank Heiler.  I’ve attached a copy of the artwork to this post in case you forgot!  It seems that he has come across some hard times at the moment, due to a fire in his home studio. Hey everyone, please share this if you can, 2 days ago, late at night, lightning… Read More »Support Fourtheye artist Frank Heiler

Weekly Update 4-June-2018

Been a couple of weeks since our last update. with the Tool world mostly quiet since the recent festival dates and clinics.  Here’s a few little bits & pieces you might find interesting though: The making of Justin’s Warwick Bass Stream Yob’s “Our Raw Heart” A Perfect Circle continue across Europe The Pieces Fit – Tool’s Cult of Meaning Albums of the week: Baptists, TesseracT, Null Apostle, High Priestess, Wax… Read More »Weekly Update 4-June-2018

Weekly Update 14-May-2018

Another quick weekly update for the Fourtheye faithful!  If you’re one of those lucky enough to go to a Tool show/clinic in the next week and want to avoid spoilers, you should stop reading! In this weeks edition: Billy & Maynard Wig shopping Setlists and Q&A from Tool Music Clinics New music- Wrong, Skinless, Rivers of Nihil, Sleep Billy & Maynard Wig shopping Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel from… Read More »Weekly Update 14-May-2018

Weekly Update 12-April-2018

Time for another not so weekly update!  In this issue: Mike Patton talks Tool Legend of the Seagullmen gig Tom Morello comments on Tool album again (in Italian) Off the Grid! Albums worth listening too! Mike Patton talks Tool Faith No More singer Mike Patton is a well respected member of the music industry, and seems to be somewhat of a Tool fan according to a recent chat with Revolver:… Read More »Weekly Update 12-April-2018

Weekly Update 21-March-2018

I should probably call this something other than a “Weekly” update.  Anyway, I have a few bits and pieces I haven’t posted yet, so here we are!  In this “weeks’ issue: Yob announce new album Legend of the Seagullmen competition Matthew Santoro’s Higher Power Albums you should check out! Yob announce new album Yob have toured with Tool a few times now, and are a favorite among many Tool fans. … Read More »Weekly Update 21-March-2018