Fourtheye server move

I’m sure many of you have noticed that Fourtheye has been down the last few days, and also down far too often in the last few months.  Well, enough was enough, and the decision was made to shift the server to a more reliable location, and here we are! Fingers crossed we won’t see any more downtime in the near future, from either Fourtheye or Tool! While I’m talking about… Read More »Fourtheye server move

Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2015 results

The results are in for the Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2015 poll! This year it is a genuine Top 10 as there were no ties to deal with. The winner probably won’t surprise anyone, but there are a few surprises further down in the list. Thanks to all of those who contributed – I counted 644 unique votes this time around, and a list of all albums with two… Read More »Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2015 results

Best Albums of 2015 poll closing soon!

Just a reminder to you all that the Fourtheye Best Albums of 2015 poll will be closing soon! Head on over the my original post, fill out the form, and then stay tuned for the result sometime after New Years. We have over 100 votes at this point in time, so lets see if we can get a few more!

Fourtheye Subscriber Xmas 2015 giveaway winners!

I hope you all enjoyed a pleasant holiday, and were able to drink as many beers or worship as many Gods as required over the time period. Here at Fourtheye I like to celebrate by giving away shit, and moments ago I drew out a few random names for out subscriber giveaway! The winners are somewhat fitting in that one is a new subscriber, having joined us in the last… Read More »Fourtheye Subscriber Xmas 2015 giveaway winners!

Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2015 Poll

It’s that time of year again where many talk and post about the best albums of the year just past. 2015 seemed to be a decent year for new music, and I’d invite Fourtheye Readers to participate in our annual Best Albums readers poll. Entering is easy, just use the Google form below and vote for your top 10 albums. I’ll collect the results over the coming weeks, and then… Read More »Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2015 Poll

Fourtheye is back!

Well, that was a rather long outage! An unexpected hardware fault, as well as a few IT related mishaps meant a longer than usual downtime for Fourtheye, but fingers crossed we won’t experience that again any time soon! Thankfully there wasn’t much Tool news (despite the promise of a special announcement), and I will be posting about the VIP session in Phoenix shortly. While I have your attention (as limited… Read More »Fourtheye is back!

Fourtheye downtime

Just a quick notice that due to a server relocation, Fourtheye will be going offline shortly. I can’t give exact details, but the outage should happen sometime in the next day, and should be less than 24 hours. Should anything especially exciting happen, keen an eye on the Fourtheye Facebook page for details.

Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2014

The poll has closed this years Best Albums of 2014 list, and the votes have been counted! 151 people voted in this years poll, with 671 votes resulting in about 300 albums being nominated this time round. I usually aim to have a top 10, but this time around there was a tie for the final spot, so there’s actually 11 albums in this years list! I present to you… Read More »Fourtheye Readers Best Albums of 2014

Fourtheye 10th Anniversary Makeover!

As I was poking around Fourtheye today, I noticed that we’ve actually passed the 10th Anniversary of this site, back on June 8th 2005. It’s been a long and fruitful journey, and hopefully one that will continue for some time yet. Over the years I’ve made 2,124 posts (2125 including this one) which have gathered over 31,000 comments. We’ve worn out a couple of forums, and even shifted servers over… Read More »Fourtheye 10th Anniversary Makeover!