Forum Update

Some of you have noticed that there is now an active community forming in the Fourtheye Forums.  Many Toolarmy readers, craving for a desire to communicate, have taken up residence. However Fourtheye readers of all types are welcome to join in the fun. A feature I have just added this evening (indeed this post is designed to test it!) if post synchronisation.  In the News forum, you will find all… Read More »Forum Update

Forums Open

With the recent influx of Toolarmy, and the increase in off-topic comments that comes with it, I figured now might be as good a time as any to start a Fourtheye discussion forum.  Theoretically, your Fourtheye login should carry over into this new forum.  Please let me know if you have any problems related to this. When I initially planned Fourtheye, I never expected to start a forum, and to… Read More »Forums Open

More Maintenance Details

Ok, as the update progresses, I’ve had to export the current data for import into the new system.  What this means that any comments from this point onwards, won’t be seen post-upgrade.  There also won’t be any further news until the upgrade is complete, cause I don’t want to have to type stuff in twice (I’m lazy like that). Enjoy! Update: I may well keep recent comments, so don’t use… Read More »More Maintenance Details

Dear Toolarmy n00bs

Firstly, welcome to all of those that have recently joined due to the Toolarmy outage (no sign of it coming back up any time soon).  A few of you have posted about missing comments and such.  Be aware, there is no conspiracy at hand – all new members have to be moderated before they can post comments.  Once this first one has been approved then you free to post as… Read More »Dear Toolarmy n00bs

Fourtheye Maintenance

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….. Recently, I’ve been considering how to best use Fourtheye as a more social site, and how to best give readers a method to communicate more freely with each other, and also to share their opinions on items that aren’t neccessarily covered by Fourtheye.  To achieve this, I have been contemplating installing a WordPress plugin called Buddypress, which… Read More »Fourtheye Maintenance