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Justin Chancellor

Articles related to Justin Chancellor, bass player for the bands Tool, M.T.void and White Onion

Justin Speaks & Adam + Dälek

Justin Speaks & Adam + Dälek

A couple of quick news items I’ve come across recently! First up Tool bassist Justin Chancellor has a chat with the Miami New Times about the tour which is currently underway. He talks briefly about the delays in Fear Inoculum’s creation, and also touches on a few of the challenges of playing certain songs live (note: this article may contain setlist spoilers). Secondly details of the next Dälek have been… Read More »Justin Speaks & Adam + Dälek

Justin Chancellor update: Pedal + Dunable + EXU

Justin Chancellor update: Pedal + Dunable + EXU

Not one to rest on his laurels, Tool bass player Justin Chancellor has been busy the last few months with a few cool new things coming to light in the last few weeks. First up: Justin was been working with the team at Dunlop to create a custom wah pedal – the JCT95 Justin Chancellor Cry Baby. It’s got some cool features and it includes some fuzz and filter features… Read More »Justin Chancellor update: Pedal + Dunable + EXU

Justin Chancellor Ernie Ball StingRay Bass

Justin Chancellor Bass up for Auction

Tool bassplayer Justin Chancellor is currently auctioning one of his Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray basses for charity. Run by French metal band Gojira, this fundraiser is for Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation (APIB). Proceeds of this, and other auctions will raise much needed funds. According to Toolband: Justin has autographed and painted his 2019 short scale Ernie Ball StingRay bass and donated it for a live auction raising funds for indigenous… Read More »Justin Chancellor Bass up for Auction

Danny & Justin streaming soon!

Danny & Justin streaming soon!

Just a couple of quick updates, firstly Tool bass player Justin Chancellor will be taking part in the Berklee College of Music’s bass player seminar this Thursday at 10 am US Pacific time. Instagram has all the details you need! Also happening this weekend is a stream from the Baked Potato, featuring Danny Carey sitting in with the Webb All Stars. If you’re like me, and always been keen to… Read More »Danny & Justin streaming soon!

Justin Chancellor joins Death Grips on next album

Justin Chancellor is a busy guy – while preparing to record a new Tool album and DJing at Legend of the Seagullmen record launches, he’s also recording with experimental hip hop band Death Grips: Working on the new album with Justin Chancellor — Ꭰeath Ꮹrips (@bbpoltergiest) March 15, 2018 Perhaps he just got lost on the way to the Tool studio?  Who knows – either way having been a… Read More »Justin Chancellor joins Death Grips on next album

Justin’s custom pedal & A Perfect Circle tickets

There’s no real Tool news at the moment (nor will there be for some time I suspect) so we have to make do with some news that is only kinda interesting, depending on what floats your boat. Anyway, what floats my boat are guitar pedals, and Justin Chancellorr has a fancy custom version of one by boutique pedal vendor KHDK Electronics.  It’s based on their overdrive pedal called Abyss, and has some… Read More »Justin’s custom pedal & A Perfect Circle tickets

Justin Chancellor talks about basses and cooking

Justin Chancellor was at the Warwick Bass Camp recently, and took some time to speak with Jakub Milszewski from Top Guitar about Basses, M.T.void, football as well as a sneaky Tool update: For those not interested in watching the video, and just want the Tool “news”: just trust me that it’s gonna be awesome…’s gonna happen – it’s in the oven, it’s in the oven…’s cooking, it’s cooking Hopefully some… Read More »Justin Chancellor talks about basses and cooking