Justin Chancellor

Articles related to Justin Chancellor, bass player for the bands Tool, M.T.void and White Onion

Tool on Triple J

Tool Radio hosted by Justin Chancellor last Saturday can be streamed from the Triple J website.  Check it out if you missed the live broadcast. NJM from alt.music.tool reckons he heard on Triple J that there will be a Tool interview on Full Metal Racket tonight.  I can’t confirm this anywhere on the site, but if you want to tune in anyway, the show starts at 10pm tonight.

Tool Radio

See you Auntie reminded me that Justin Chancellor will be hosting Triple J for an hour on Saturday afternoon.  According to the blurb: TOOL RADIO with Justin Chancellor + Tool are dominating the Big Day Out circuit as we speak. An now, they’re going to dominate triple j radio too. + We already know that you listen to Tool. A lot. Ever wondered what music Tool listen to? + Justin… Read More »Tool Radio

Time Off interviews Justin

I found this short interview with Justin today on Time-Off today.  It’s not particularly long, but it does have a few interesting points: TO: Does the band choose which support acts it plays with? JC: “Yes, we completely decide that. It just comes down to what we’re into, and obviously everyone has different ideas about that  –  everyone’s got a different current thing that they love. So we just sort… Read More »Time Off interviews Justin

Poll Results, No more dates?

Last we I asked what Tool song has the best performance from bass player Justin Chancellor. No real surprises this time, with 10,000 Days taking first place. Here’s the full list: 10,000 Days 74 Votes 46&2 50 Votes Schism 46 Votes The Pot 41 Votes Jambi 39 Votes Reflection 26 Votes The Grudge 24 Votes Third Eye 17 Votes Something Else 14 Votes Pushit 9 Votes Paul>Justin 3 Votes This… Read More »Poll Results, No more dates?

Times Leader speaks with Justin

Times Leader in Pennsylvania speak with Justin ahead of the coming Tool show at Wachovia Arena. Justin talks about writing 10,000 Days in a somewhat uninspired article. In other news, there’s more exclusive pictures from Camella up Toolarmy, mainly of the band members but one interesting one of a Tool fan with the Aenima Eye’s tattoeed on his shoulders.

Joshua Davis Pics

I think I’ve posted some of these pictures before, including the infamous Toilet photo, but it appears that theres a few extra photo’s on Josha Davis’ diary from his visit to the Tool rehearsals way back in 2004.  For those of you whole like to look at Adam and Justin without shirts, go there now!

Justin Interview, Melvins Tour

Bastardometer posted on Toolarmy a link to an Audio Interview with Justin.  I couldn’t get the link to work, but it’s probably because I don’t have the right plug in.  Try your luck at this link. Ipecac have released some more extensive Melvins US Tour dates as well.  Looks like they’re playing with Big Business again, so expect some dual drumming action.  Check out the newly refurbished Ipecac website for… Read More »Justin Interview, Melvins Tour

Justin on 10,000 Days

The Daily Texan has posted a short interview today with Justin, where he talks about 10,000 Days, some of the motives behind it and also comments on their reluctance to use iTunes. Thanks to mskintx for the link. Daily Texan: Tool is one of the last bands to not give in to the iTunes conversion. Why is that? Justin Chancellor: The fear is that the album will get torn apart.… Read More »Justin on 10,000 Days