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Melvins – Throbbing Jazz Gristle Funk Hits

Melvins – Throbbing Jazz Gristle Funk Hits

The Melvins have another album in the works, this time an all electric effort that pays tribute to the great Throbbing Gristle. Here’s the details: What’s the obvious and predictable move for an insanely influential band like the Melvin’s to do on their 40th anniversary? An homage LP to another insanely influential band Throbbing Gristle of course! THROBBING JAZZ GRISTLE FUNK HITS! A hybrid of covers and inspired jams, joined… Read More »Melvins – Throbbing Jazz Gristle Funk Hits

Album Review: PetroDragonic Apocalypse

Album Review: PetroDragonic Apocalypse

In the often decade long lulls between Tool albums the news cycle tends to slow down somewhat. I mostly highlight Tool (and related act) tours and occasionally a bit of related news. It seems to me though I should probably post some more, so if you’ll allow me to indulge, and may from time to time review a record I reckon the Fourtheye Crew would be interested in. First up… Read More »Album Review: PetroDragonic Apocalypse

Tool back catalog re-issues on the way?

Tool back catalog re-issues on the way?

Buzz and Mackie Osborne have featured on a recent episode of Making Ways: The Art of Music, during which Mackie confirms quite a few Tool re-issues are on the way. To paraphrase: I’m working on some really limited edition things for Tool, who are re-releasing all of their back catalog in a series of limited edition package. And they are also going to re-release their back catalog in kinda the… Read More »Tool back catalog re-issues on the way?

Chet Zar – The Administrators Down Under

Tool collaborator Chet Zar will have some of his work on display in the Bien Art Gallery in Brunswick, Victoria from mid July: OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, July 13, from 6–9 pm. Free entry. This exhibition will be on view from July 14 to August 4, concurrently with Dark Art 2019. This show depicts a new class of beings in Dy5topia, the alternate dystopian reality that serves as the setting for… Read More »Chet Zar – The Administrators Down Under

Paul D’Amour joins Ministry

Former Tool bass player Paul D’Amour has been announced as the new bass player for Industrial metal stalwarts Ministry. He’ll be joining them on their tour next month, and has also apparently joined them in the studio.

New Melvins album, interview and tour dates

It’s all go for the Melvins at the moment, with a new album just released, a cool interview with Buzz and Mackie Osborne as well as tour dates for Australia and Europe. Firstly, their latest album A Walk with Love & Death is now out via Ipecac Recordings.  This time around it features Steven McDonald from Redd Kross on Bass.  The first disc Death is somewhat traditional Melvins-fare, however the second; Love is a… Read More »New Melvins album, interview and tour dates

RIP Chris Cornell

Devastating news tonight with confirmation that Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell has passed away. While I wouldn’t normally post on non-Tool related news, I expect this news hits hard for many Fourtheye reader who like myself found Soundgarden to be staple of their listening habits.  Chris’ voice was one that was very rarely matching in music, and will be sorely missed. Too all my readers out there, if you’re… Read More »RIP Chris Cornell

King Buzzo hints at 12 minute Tool songs

King Buzzo had a chat with Team Rock lately about his favorite Melvins albums, and while talking about Stoner Witch, had the following to say about the new Tool album: The Stoner Witch record was the middle record of the three that we did with Atlantic. It wasn’t the best selling record from that time; Houdini was the best selling one but that was actually my least favourite of the… Read More »King Buzzo hints at 12 minute Tool songs

Chet Zar – Dystopia

Frequent Tool collaborator Chet Zar has a new Kickstarter campaign happening, this time for a new project called Dystopia. The focus of the project seems to be the publication of a new book DY5TOPIA: A Field Guide to the Dark Universe of Chet Zar: Why Support? Written by: Mike Correll Have you ever encountered a painting so intriguing, that you wanted to know what lay outside the confines of the… Read More »Chet Zar – Dystopia

The Melvins hit the road with Napalm Death and Melt Banana

The Melvins will be hitting the road in March, April and May 2016 for the Savage Imperial Death March Tour. It has a massive lineup including grindcore legends Napalm Death and Japanese noise rock band Melt Banana. There are dates all across the US, with a few in Canada as well. It’s a fantastic lineup, and I recommend you check it out if it hits your town! March 26 Phoenix,… Read More »The Melvins hit the road with Napalm Death and Melt Banana