Tool are a band from Los Angeles California. This section of Fourtheye contains all the latest Tool news and rumours.

Twitter Reminder

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Just a reminder post for any readers who may not be aware that Fourtheye has a Twitter Account.  This feed offers an alternative way of getting information from Fourtheye, as every post I make is tweeted, as well as a few extras here and there than don’t quite deserve a full mention on the site. Follow me now and if I beat Aston Kutcher to 2 million followers I’ll personally… Read More »Twitter Reminder

Tool Feeling Minnesota?

According to a recent tweet on the XEC Center in Minnesotas Twitter account: TOOL coming to XEC in early August! Stay tuned for more details… Thanks to the many readers who submitted this!

Lollapalooza Confirmed!

In what will come as a surprise to very few, Tool have been officially confirmed as part of the Lollapalooza lineup.  Other acts that I like on the bill include Janes Addiction, Beastie Boys, Lou Reed and Dan Deacon.  The Festival spans several nights in August at  Grant Park in Chicago.  Sounds like a great gig!

Lollapalooza Confirmed?

Blair made a cryptic post on Toolarmy today: Anyone besides Buzz, Junior and I see that blistering line drive of a foul ball the other night at Dodger Stadium that damn near postponed a certain tour? Easier just to buy one of the damn things. Speaking of baseball (which I love), in planning my… vacation, while in Chi-Town the second week in August (when the weather’s nice), I was hoping… Read More »Lollapalooza Confirmed?

Tool/Melvins/Ipecac Rumour

I read an intriguing post on BBS today, which reads: Tool, Melvins, Ipecac Records Something HUGE soon.  Just wait.  It WILL be worth it you prepubecent derelicts.  Oh, and Melvins as a four-piece=BEST YET. Is the big suprise some kind of Tool/Melvins collaboration to be released on Ipecac?  Given the various record labels involved, this could go some way to explaining the delays in the surprise being released. The… Read More »Tool/Melvins/Ipecac Rumour

Don’t Panic!

Toolband and Toolarmy seem to be down at the moment (23:25 AEST) and have been down for a little while now.  No inidication when they might be back up, or why they’re down.  Some might suggest they’re being upgraded, who knows… Update: woke up and it’s working again.  No changes.  Hooray for technology!

Tool Summerfest Rumours?

Steve emailed me today to let me know that there are some rubmlings around Milwaukee that Tool may be playing this years Summerfest.  No real evidence to back this up yet, but seems likely due to the festival confirmations so far.

Meats Meier Pusifer Pics

Meats Meier has posted some cool pics of the recent LA Puscifer gig on his webpage. Check them out!

Blair clarifies Tool Summer Tour

Blair made a several posts to Toolband over night, a couple of Birthday (Camella, Kat and Pete below) call outs, as well as dropping a few hints regarding the tour: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE! Cheers to TOOL’s manager, Pete, who… knows all the tour dates (except for one). He then goes on in a Toolarmy Exclusive post that: As of now, there are only about a dozen shows planned, scattered throughout… Read More »Blair clarifies Tool Summer Tour