Tool are a band from Los Angeles California. This section of Fourtheye contains all the latest Tool news and rumours.

Meats Meier Pusifer Pics

Meats Meier has posted some cool pics of the recent LA Puscifer gig on his webpage. Check them out!

Blair clarifies Tool Summer Tour

Blair made a several posts to Toolband over night, a couple of Birthday (Camella, Kat and Pete below) call outs, as well as dropping a few hints regarding the tour: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE! Cheers to TOOL’s manager, Pete, who… knows all the tour dates (except for one). He then goes on in a Toolarmy Exclusive post that: As of now, there are only about a dozen shows planned, scattered throughout… Read More »Blair clarifies Tool Summer Tour

Tour Dates Confirmed!

Blair has recently made a post on Toolband to confirm what we already know – that Tool are playing a couple of festivals this year: These two shows have been confirmed, with more to follow. I’ve been told that there will be ToolArmy pre-sales, but haven’t received the details yet. As soon as more dates are confirmed, they will be posted, along with the pre-sale information. Jul 18 2009 –… Read More »Tour Dates Confirmed!

Fourtheye Shirts Coming Soon!

I’ve had a few emails over the last couple of days in regards to the Fourtheye Fuck Blair! shirt I alluded to the other day.  I posted a link to a shirt printing site called Printfection, and after studying them and their prices for a while, have decided they aren’t the company for Fourtheye.  The main sticking point, was despite their excellent shop and product selection services, the deliver price… Read More »Fourtheye Shirts Coming Soon!

April Fools Day?

Believe it or not, everything I’ve posted today has been 100% true.  No jokes!  Blair however has posted a cryptic picture to Toolband, which may or may not be a joke.  I will let you guys be the judge: JESUS LOVES YOU. THEN AGAIN (like the tee-shirt says), HE LOVES EVERYBODY. Perhaps the new album is called Here My Prayer and the first single will be the 1 hour and… Read More »April Fools Day?

All Points West Pre-sale

Bruce4646 from Toolarmy has also found a pre-sale, this time for the All Points West Festival on New Jersey.  According to Ticketmaster, the presale will commence at 12:00PM on the 2nd of April.

Mile High Festival Pre-Sale

inVINCEcible2k3 pointed out to me today this Pre-Sale on KBCO for the Mile High Festival in Denver, which features Tool.  Ticketing options include: 2-day Passes are $162.50 (plus service charges). Single Day tickets are $90 (plus service charges). Carpool package for $650 (plus service fees) and includes 4 tickets and special carpool parking. 2 Levels of VIP pacakages are also available ($400 for the Mile High Club VIP and $1250… Read More »Mile High Festival Pre-Sale

Tool to play Bonnaroo?

Pee from Toolarmy did a search for Tool on the Coast To Coast ticketing site, and it found an entry for the Bonnaroo Festival for the 11th of June.  The Bonnaroo site has a few bands that are playing, but none of them look big enough to be headline acts yet, so Tool could easily fit into the bill.  Given that Tool seem to be joining the festival set this… Read More »Tool to play Bonnaroo?

Tool March Newsletter

Blair has released the March Tool Newsletter on Toolband/Army this morning, which may or may not contain April Fools Jokes within.  It mainly talks about Justin and a TeePee that he erected at his house, will allusions to him writing songs for the next album. For those who only care about specific news though, the last paragraph delivers: Anyway, that’s what Justin may or may not be up to these… Read More »Tool March Newsletter

All Points West Music Festival

Tool have been announced as playing on the 1st of August at the All Points West Festival in New Jersey.  Joining them on the lineup are the Beastie Boys, My Bloody Valentine, Coldplay, Mogwai, Kool Keith and more. Thanks to the many Fourtheye readers who submitted this news!  I guess this Tool tour ain’t looking so foolish after all…