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10,000 Days

Articles related to the Tool CD ‘10,000 Days’


I’ve been back up in Queensland this week, so things have been a little slow on updates for Fourtheye. Things should return to normal next week. Here’s a couple of items that have come across my desk: For those that have missed the various comments, there is an interview of Maynard done by Patton Oswalt. Check it out here. Ryan tells me that he’s selling his Signed Lateralus Vinyl on… Read More »Updates

Travis Shinn Photography

Random Girl emailed me today to tell me that Travis Shinn’s website seems to have a few stereoscopic pictures of Tool members that didn’t make the 10,000 Days album cover. It also contains his photos from the Revolver article, as well as shots of other good (and not so good) bands. For the stereoscopic ones, make sure you visit the Single section.

Adam in Guitar World

I had a chance to read the recent Guitar World article with Adam Jones, and it’s one of the best Tool articles I’ve read for a while.  It reveals plenty of new info and some insight into Adam’s guitar playing.  Here are some points I know most of you are interested in: The first video for 10,000 Days (presumably Vicarious) will be entirely in CGI has run into some “vicious… Read More »Adam in Guitar World

Poll Results: What is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?

10,000 Days would appear to be full of secrets (apparently) and last week I asked what your favorite was.  It comes as no surprise to me that most of you think there isn’t a secret.  And I am a little surprised at how many of you are waiting for the “real” album to be released, or maybe lots of you think it’s funny that there was ever talk of a… Read More »Poll Results: What is your favorite 10,000 Days secret?

Adam on Baltimore Sun

There’s a brief interview with Adam on the Baltimore Sun website today.  He talks about 10,000 Days but doesn’t reveal anything particularly new: [discussing the 10,000 Days packaging] “That was my idea,” says Jones, who last week was playing a date with the band in Tampa, Fla. “All the ideas start with writing the music, and it flows with the art. … I saw a kid’s book that was similar… Read More »Adam on Baltimore Sun

Poll Results: 10,000 Days 12 months later…

Last week I asked you tell me your thoughts on 10,000 Days now that it has been out for over 12 months.  Personally I find that my perception of records changes over time, and that once past the initial excitment/dissappointment of hearing a new album you can get a feel for what you really think of the album.  Personally for me I still think it’s a great album, and while… Read More »Poll Results: 10,000 Days 12 months later…

Pre-sales Spoiled? Wings For Marie Lyrics

According to Blair, it seems that there were pre-sales for the recently announced US Dates, and that some members of Toolarmy decided it would be a good idea to release this password.  Rather than sharing the love, it seems that this has resulted in scalpers purchasing these pre-sale tickets instead.  I’m sure these members were trying to do the right thing, but it looks like it’s backfired on them.  Allegedly… Read More »Pre-sales Spoiled? Wings For Marie Lyrics

Aria Charts 2006

I was having a look through the charts for the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) 2006 Album sales charts today, have a look at where Tool sat as far as sales were concerned last year.  Tool’s 10,000 Days found itself in position 37.  Bands selling more than Tool last year included Scissor Sisters (Ta Dah!), Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Stadium Arcadium) and The Killers (Sam’s Town).  Some of the bands… Read More »Aria Charts 2006