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Tool posts regarding touring

Tool postpone remaining 2020 tour dates

Tool postpone remaining 2020 tour dates

No surprises here really, but Tool have postponed the remaining dates scheduled for 2020, and I’ve pasted the comment from Toolband below. It’s obviously a challenging time for bands and the music industry at the moment, and while the band are keen to reschedule, I personally think that we’re unlikely to see significant touring from anyone until 2021, at least until a vaccine or more definitive solution to the COVID-19… Read More »Tool postpone remaining 2020 tour dates

Tool postponed April & May dates

Tool postponed April & May dates

With COVID-19 spreading across the planet, and the closures and social limiting that comes with it being enforced, the news that Tool will have to postpone their coming dates shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. This morning they have confirmed that the shows in April, and most of them in May have officially been postponed. Details are below: TOOL’s April 16 to May 5 North American tour dates have been… Read More »Tool postponed April & May dates

Rumour: Lollapalooza 2009

According to Mitch123 on Toolarmy, there is some speculation that Tool might be headlining this years Lollapalooza Festival.  Not a shred of evidence to back this up as far as I can see, so don’t go booking your plan tickets just yet…

Tool Touring 2009?

According to a recent post on Toolshed: Though all has been quiet on the Tool front for some time, a promoter wrote in today to say he’s heard rumblings of possible Tool shows in 2009. We’ll keep an eye on this and keep you all posted. Personally, I could maybe see a late 2009 tour, but that would be about it.  Presuming they maybe hit the recording studio soon, or… Read More »Tool Touring 2009?

Signed Tool Poster

A recent Ebay item has one of the signed Tool posters from the last US Tour: This is a One Of A Kind, No Duplicates, NOT a Print, 100% Authentic, Rare Concert Poster from SLC, with ART WORK by ADAM JONES, and signed by the band members of TOOL: Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor. Set in an Apple Wood Frame with Glass Plate and purple Professional… Read More »Signed Tool Poster

Danny injures himelf (again)

Blair posted on Toolband/Army today an article talking about Danny‘s recent injury. Apparently he was attacked by a Sea Urchin or Scorpion Fish. Lucky it wasn’t a Sting Ray I guess… Anyway, he elaborates to say that he’s had two surgeries on the hand, and that there probably won’t be any Tool or Volto! shows for a little while.

Two Tool Projects

Blair from Toolband/Army took some time today to “clarify” an email he received questioning the April Newsletter – the one about the business meeting. Here’s his response: That mentioned in the April (1) newsletter had NOTHING to do with the all-Tool issue of “Revolver” Magazine, although at this time I am still not able to disclose any further information about any decision made by the band as to whether it’s… Read More »Two Tool Projects

Tool Tour Rumour

According to dirtyrockstar on Toolarmy, he heard them saying that Tool would be on tour soon on 97.1 (FM I presume) in Dallas. Apparently the station will be giving away tickets. Not too sure about this to be honest. I’d like it to be true, but I don’t know that I’d expect Tool to tour again until after a new album had been released. Unless of course they’re recorded something… Read More »Tool Tour Rumour

Advance Warning

As some of you know, my wife has been pregnant for some time, about 9 months in fact!  After this period of gestation, she’s about ready to pop, and the due date just happens to be this coming Friday.  As a result, Fourtheye posts may be a little sporadic in the next couple of weeks, depending on how things go.  Since things are quiet, I doubt you’ll miss me, but… Read More »Advance Warning