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Sleep @ Fowlers Live 9-Dec-14

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:06 pm
by hellboy
Second show in a week full of shows (I don't think I'll make the third show at this stage - sorry Revocation!). This time Stoner Metal dudes Sleep with local stoners Iron Worzel and Hydromedusa.

Sadly I couldn't get their early enough and only caught the last few moments of the Iron Worzel set. They're a cool band that you guys should check out if you get the chance.

Hydromedusa were on soon enough, and they played a set of what I imagine was mostly new material, as well as a couple of "classics" They always put on a good show, and tonights was no exception. The new material sounded good for the most part, with it continuing to head down the retro stoner rock path they're setting for themselves. I'm looking forward to them putting out a new album in 2015.

Sleep came on after about 10 minutes of NASA radio chatter, and played an abbreviated version of Dopesmoker. Sound was both loud and clear, which was great (though I did have earplugs in for most of the show). They seemed to get all the songs I know out of the way first, and the last half of the set was material I'm unfamiliar with for the most part. They played their new track The Clarity as well as Holy Mountain. Overall it was a cool show, but didn't quite reach the same highs as the one last year in Melbourne. I did have a few more drinks under my belt then though. I felt the set was maybe a little long (it was over 90 minutes) but I doubt die hard fans seemed to really object (I'm a bit more of a filthy casual). That said, it seemed to me like the crowd was a little flat by the end, not sure if this was a combination of them playing all their most popular tracks first, or if people were just tired/too stoned. It was quite warm inside the venue as well.

Mike, Al and Jason were all in great form. Jason Roeder (also from Neurosis) is a great drummer, and was a pleasure to watch on the night.

It was good to see Sleep again. I'm not sure I'd rush out to see them again (unless their new album is great), but a great time was had.

As always, here's some shitty photo's:



Re: Sleep @ Fowlers Live 9-Dec-14

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:14 am
by Calfium Jay
My friend who is a big doom/stoner fan (I'm an impartial so/so sort of admirer of the genre, personally) saw them at The Corner here in Melbourne and said they were flat out "boring" and left before the end of the set. Said it was a waste of time and money and that the trip to the bbq/burger joint afterwards was "more fulfilling to be honest".

Which I thought was interesting.

I prefer Om to Sleep......

Re: Sleep @ Fowlers Live 9-Dec-14

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:33 am
by hellboy
Boring is a bit harsh I think. Thing for me is their songs are all so similar that a 100 minute set is overkill. Mileage would vary depending on how high you are, and how much you dig the genre I guess.

Re: Sleep @ Fowlers Live 9-Dec-14

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:51 am
by liz
I am sorry I missed them this time (life has been very busy) but I go get the negative comments. As much as I enjoyed them in Melbourne last time they didn't hold me for the entirety of the set. There is an element of repetitiveness, although the ideas that they do have are really well executed.