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Kylesa @ Adelaide Uni Bar 5-Apr-2014

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:30 am
by hellboy
The lead up wasn't good, after several beers and a disappointing loss at the football, followed by a sardine cram onto poorly organised trains, I got home at around 6pm with a splitting headache. Serious thought was given to not going to Kylesa tonight (especially as I was going solo) but a panadol and a few glasses of water later I was feeling better and decided to head out.

I Exist from Canberra were up first. I've seen them before supporting Black Breath from memory. They're a decent crusty death metal style band with three guitar players for some reason. I enjoyed them, they have some good tunes though they don't really set the world alight either. Overall, a good support act, and a band I'd be happy seeing again, but not really one that I think is going to go anywhere.

I thought the crowd may improve slightly for Kylesa, but it was not to be - there were about 60 people in total watching the show which was a little disappointing. The Uni Bar is a reasonably big venue as well, so the size only emphasised the lack of attendance. Anyway, the band didn't let it bother them - it was a great show, the sound was excellent and getting a good spot watch them doing there thing was quite easy.

The band employ two drummers, which is cool, but to be honest it didn't really add anything to the show. I'm not sure why the did this - I think the reason they were in the bigger venue was because they needed a larger stage to hold the two drum kits. The crowd size would have been fine in several of our smaller venues, but none of them have a stage big enough for two kits. Seems to me like the extra drummer is just a burden for the band (and most likely a financial burden last night). Anyway, whatever floats their boat.

The set was great, a good mix of old and plenty of stuff off their latest album Ultraviolet. The band are a tight unit, and the guitar and bass players in particular were excellent and worth watching. Overall, it was a good, though not amazing show. It was worth the trip into town for, but not entirely convinced I'd rush out to see them again.


Re: Kylesa @ Adelaide Uni Bar 5-Apr-2014

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:46 am
by liz
Sounds like pushing yourself to go out was worth it. If we'd been in town we would have joined you. Yes Adelaide's underwhelming support for live music is all too commonly displayed.