Failure in Toronto

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Failure in Toronto

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First review here.

Saw Failure on they're North American reunion tour last night in Toronto, Canada. They are playing two shows here.

I got into Failure in like 97 when Stuck On You was a minor radio hit and the band broke up. Been a very very big fan of their two best albums Magnified and Fantastic Planet for a long time.

They played one of the better venues here, the Mod Club. The place was like 75% full (which isnt bad considering they haven't been here in 17 years and are playing two shows here.

Anyyyyways, the band sounded really really great. Ken, Greg and Kelli sound super tight and the songs were near perfect, the sound mix was solid and the band seemed in pretty good spirits.

They played pretty much the same set they had done all tour, very heavy on Fantastic Planet with a handful of Magnified tunes and one from Comfort.

Fantastic show, and I'm going back tonight for night two.

I saw them two weeks ago at Cinquanta in LA too so as a longtime fan very happy to see them three times on the reunion tour.
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Re: Failure in Toronto

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