The Mark of Cain @ The Gov 5-Dec-2014

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The Mark of Cain @ The Gov 5-Dec-2014

Post by hellboy »

The Mark of Cain scheduled a tour in what seems to be an annual event these days. After initially omitting Adelaide (their hometown) from the tour schedule, they then promised something special was going to happen. Well, following that they announced an Adelaide date, and it wasn't anything special, so not sure what's up with that one.

Despite that, it was a good show. The Kings of the North (or Kings of the Hill as I jokingly mentioned to my friends) came on. They were a pretty by the numbers two piece rock band, and since we got there a little late they only wasted a small part of my time.

A couple of beers later and the Mark of Cain were on. They are a consistently good live band, and really the show was no different to that last time I saw them in 2012 (I think). It was more or less the same set, which was great during their older work, but fell a little flat during their new songs (with a couple of exceptions).

The most disappointing aspect was that the sound wasn't so great. Everything was clear, however the vocals were far too high in the mix, which for me detracted from the overall experience. John isn't a terrible singer, but he's not so good either that his voice should be way up front.

Anyway, it was a good night, and I look forward to seeing them again. I just hope that next time around they drag some material out of their impressive back catalog rather than dragging out the same old setlist again.

Here's a pic!

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Re: The Mark of Cain @ The Gov 5-Dec-2014

Post by liz »

I was ok with the sound, I was up the front about 3 back. That being said David swears I am going deaf. :)

I loved them as always. You know what you are going to get and they always deliver. The first band bored me. A cover band playing originals that would have been better off playing covers.
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