Melvins + Red Kross @ The Gov, Nov 4th 2017

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Melvins + Red Kross @ The Gov, Nov 4th 2017

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Last in a serious of quick fire shows (that I haven't really posted about, but include Napalm Death, Brujeria and Dillinger Escape Plan) was The Melvins plus Red Kross. Red Kross in support mostly because current Melvins bass player Steven Mcdonald is a member.

Anyway, I arrived mid-set for Red Kross. They had a few rocking moments, but ultimately didn't do much for me. Plenty of dicking around on stage, if they'd focus a little more on the music than the lame theatrics then perhaps I'd have enjoyed it more. It seemed most fan service, so I expect those already into the band lapped it up. Dale Crover was on drums as well.

Since two of three Melvins members were in Red Kross, the change over time was pretty short (less than 20 minutes) which was mostly just hauling off extra amps and plugging Buzz's guitar in. Crowd was relatively small tonight, I'd say the venue only around 2/3rds full. I think they probably should have gone with a smaller venue - hopefully this doesn't effect future Melvins shows here. Smaller crowd meant getting a great spot was pretty easy.

The Melvins were great as expected. The setlist was an excellent one, playing a range of songs that I quite enjoy. The Bit probably being the highlight for me. Ending with Hung Bunny and Lysol was probably a bit of a low point, but enjoyed the set right through. The sound was great, at least for the beginning of the set. Not sure if it's my failing eardrums, or if the sound got cranked as the night went on, but it just seemed to get louder and louder and the clarity of the sound suffered as a result. Note: I need to get some earplugs that don't sound terrible.

Some have been critical of Melvins without Big Business. Having now seen both iterations in recent years, I can't say I enjoyed the show any less with Steve on bass - he is an excellent bass player, and material from their most recent album with him was limited to only a couple of tracks. The Melvins always put on a great show - don't let the current bass player put you off at all.
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