Russian Circles @ Fowlers 5-Apr-2014

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Russian Circles @ Fowlers 5-Apr-2014

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A cool night here in Adelaide and Russian Circles were on the agenda. Having released one of the better albums of 2013 (one that very close to making my top 10) I decided these guys were worth the weeknight trek into town for.

I arrived at around 9:30 while Valiant Jones were playing their support set. These guys are a local post-hardcore group, and while I'm not sure they're anything special, they put on a pretty good set. Certainly some potential there.

10:30 came around and Russian Circles hit the stage. The played a range of songs, only about half of which I recognised, most of those being from Memorial. The band were a tight act - all three of them being excellent musicians. The sound was great as well, which considering Fowler's reputation as being hit and miss was a good plus. They played for about 70 minutes, which was about my threshold for instrumental music. I appreciate these guys doing what they do, but several times during the night I couldn't help but think "they really could do with a singer".

Overall, it was a good night out. Not ground breaking or eye opening by any means, but some a couple of hours of solid entertainment. 8/10

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