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Fourtheye Membership

Fourtheye runs a free service for Tool fans, by providing news, insight and forums for Tool fans to communicate with each other. I will never charge to access these basic features of the site, however hosting isn’t free, and any support that Fourtheye members can offer is greatly appreciated. With this in mind, I created Fourtheye Membership.

Membership is the preferred option for supporting the site, for a low cost of $1 per month, you can ensure that this site is maintained for years to come. You will also have the following benefits:

  • All advertising will be removed
  • Access to a Members Only section of the forum
  • Some kind of badge next to your username to indicate you’re a supporter.
  • At least one free beer per year should you or I be in the same town at the same time. Possibly two beers if you’re a Silver or Gold supporter!
  • Automatic entry into occasional giveaways. 1 entry per Bronze supporter, 2 per Silver, and 5 per Gold!
  • Please be aware that membership is not about the giveaways (though I shall endeavor to do them on a regular basis), it’s about supporting the site and assisting me in running the best Tool site on the web. I’m perfectly fine with people using the site for free if they feel membership isn’t warranted.

Note that as I write this, these features have yet to be implemented. They should be over the next month.

If you want to subscribe, please use the form below:

Membership Levels
Bronze : $1.00AUD – monthly
Silver : $2.00AUD – monthly
Gold : $5.00AUD – monthly
Bronze 12 : $10.00AUD – yearly
Silver 12 : $20.00AUD – yearly
Gold 12 : $50.00AUD – yearly

If you prefer, you can donate the old fashioned way with a one off payment. Please us the Paypal button below to do this!

For every dollar you donate, I’ll put you down for a months membership. I’ll throw in a free couple of months for every $10 you throw my way!

If you have any questions in regards to membership, then let me know!