All Points West Music Festival

Tool have been announced as playing on the 1st of August at the All Points West Festival in New Jersey.  Joining them on the lineup are the Beastie Boys, My Bloody Valentine, Coldplay, Mogwai, Kool Keith and more. Thanks to the many Fourtheye readers who submitted this news!  I guess this Tool tour ain’t looking so foolish after all…

Google Ads Experiment

Hi Everyone, You may have noticed the recent appearance of Google Ads on the site.  No this is not an early April Fools joke, more an experiment to look at ways to help the site reach a break even point. I will be leaving them on the site for the month of April, and then will evaluate how they’ve gone, and whether or not I’d like to continue with them.… Read More »Google Ads Experiment

The Melvins play Fuji Rock Festival

I was just reading that The Melvins are playing on this years Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in July.  It would be nice if they also did a proper Australian tour while they’re in this region…

Puscifer to play in San Diego?

I stumble across this article this morning on, talking about Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay venue in San Diego, which mentions that: artists include Jackson Browne, LeAnn Rimes, Loggins & Messina, Carlos Mencia and Puscifer (Tool singer Maynard James Keenan), who will all be making their debuts at the intimate Shelter Island venue this year. No further info in the article that I could see, which focuses on the venues… Read More »Puscifer to play in San Diego?

Maynard interviewed by Lex & Terry

Maynard was recently interviewed by Lex & Terry (some DJs from the US I’ve never heard of) and answered some questions regarding his wine experiences.  I haven’t listened, so can’t vouch for the quality, but in case you miss it, the link to the interview is on the left side of the link under Downloads. Thanks to jun dos san for the tip!

Tool joing Mile High Club

According to James and Adambot, Tool will be joining the lineup for the Mile High Festival in Denver, Colorado.  Tool will play with the likes of Widespread Panic, Ben Harper & Relentless7, G. Love & Special Sauce, Ani DiFranco, India.Arie, the Black Keys and the 18th of July.  Tool would appear to be a unusual addition to the line-up, far heavier than anyone else on the show, unless Tool are… Read More »Tool joing Mile High Club

Maynard discusses Comedy

The Austin Decider has published a new interview with Maynard today where he discusses his comedic work, and his thoughts on the genre at the moment, and Puscifer: D: Who’s the funniest non-comedian you’ve ever worked with? MJK: A guy who should have his own talk show, if you could just get—you know how it is, you have guys who once you aim a camera at them, all of that goes… Read More »Maynard discusses Comedy

Tool Summer Tour confirmed

Blair has confirmed on Toolband/Army that Tool will be touring this summer. Presumably the US only, Tool break from recent trends and decide to tour prior to the release of the new album. I’m sure many of you have heard of an upcoming summer tour. Although I can’t announce any specific dates yet (as the bulk of the dates haven’t been confirmed), once they are finalized and official, we’ll be… Read More »Tool Summer Tour confirmed

Pre-Order Isis’ Wavering Radiant

According to a recent post by Ipecac and Isis on Myspace: Our lovely friends at Newbury Comics is hosting the pre-order for the new Isis “Wavering Radiant” that gets released May 5th. Soooo order yours today and you’ll recieve an autographed booklet by the whole band! What are ya waitin’ for?! Support your record stores!! I listened to the Wavering Radiant the other day, probably the best Isis album… Read More »Pre-Order Isis’ Wavering Radiant