Blair clarifies Tool Summer Tour

Blair made a several posts to Toolband over night, a couple of Birthday (Camella, Kat and Pete below) call outs, as well as dropping a few hints regarding the tour: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE! Cheers to TOOL’s manager, Pete, who… knows all the tour dates (except for one). He then goes on in a Toolarmy Exclusive post that: As of now, there are only about a dozen shows planned, scattered throughout… Read More »Blair clarifies Tool Summer Tour

Tour Dates Confirmed!

Blair has recently made a post on Toolband to confirm what we already know – that Tool are playing a couple of festivals this year: These two shows have been confirmed, with more to follow. I’ve been told that there will be ToolArmy pre-sales, but haven’t received the details yet. As soon as more dates are confirmed, they will be posted, along with the pre-sale information. Jul 18 2009 –… Read More »Tour Dates Confirmed!

Fourtheye Shirts Coming Soon!

I’ve had a few emails over the last couple of days in regards to the Fourtheye Fuck Blair! shirt I alluded to the other day.  I posted a link to a shirt printing site called Printfection, and after studying them and their prices for a while, have decided they aren’t the company for Fourtheye.  The main sticking point, was despite their excellent shop and product selection services, the deliver price… Read More »Fourtheye Shirts Coming Soon!

But Wait! There’s More….

And one final interview I’ve found, this time on Artist Direct.  Questions and answers are along the same Puscifer lines as the last two posts.  More confirmation of Texan gigs too. What’s next for Puscifer? We’ll probably record a few things, but most likely we’ll do a few dates around the country. We’re not really looking to go tour. We’re more focused on going in and doing almost like an… Read More »But Wait! There’s More….

LA Times interviews Maynard

LA Times has published the second interview with Maynard I’ve come across today.  The interview, conducted by Chris Barton talks mainly about Puscifer and the upcoming LA shows: How many dates are you playing with this? Oh, just these two. Then we’re going to probably do some Texas dates in June…. Rather than a band touring, this is going to be more like musical installations in places. We started off… Read More »LA Times interviews Maynard

New MJK Interview with Suicide Girls

inVINCEcible2k3 sent me an email today letting me know about a new Maynard interview he found by Jay Hathaway at the Suicide Girls.  He talks about Puscifer, his wines and the music industry in general.  No Tool information that I could see: JH: Can you go out on stage without thinking you’re the shit at least a little bit? Doesn’t it take some of that just to be in front… Read More »New MJK Interview with Suicide Girls

MJK on new NIN album

According the, Maynard has made an appearance on the new Timbaland produced Nine Inch Nails album Strobelight.  The track, Even Closer features a duet with Justin Timberlake.  As with most NIN albums recently, it’s free to download.  You’d be a fool not to!

April Fools Day?

Believe it or not, everything I’ve posted today has been 100% true.  No jokes!  Blair however has posted a cryptic picture to Toolband, which may or may not be a joke.  I will let you guys be the judge: JESUS LOVES YOU. THEN AGAIN (like the tee-shirt says), HE LOVES EVERYBODY. Perhaps the new album is called Here My Prayer and the first single will be the 1 hour and… Read More »April Fools Day?

All Points West Pre-sale

Bruce4646 from Toolarmy has also found a pre-sale, this time for the All Points West Festival on New Jersey.  According to Ticketmaster, the presale will commence at 12:00PM on the 2nd of April.