Justin Chancellor on Striking A Chord

There’s a ton of good Tool content out there at the moment, lots of which I’m yet to post here on Fourtheye. I’m slowly catching up but the one that has caught my eye this evening is Evan Ball speaking will Tool bassplayer Justin Chancellor on the new Striking A Chord podcast. It’s a pretty great interview, very open conversation with Justin as he takes us through the days pre-Tool,… Read More »Justin Chancellor on Striking A Chord

The second coming of Fear Inoculum

I was having a chat with one of my sources today (in this case a quite reliable one) who felt the urge to have me relay the following onto the rabid Tool fanbase out there: Don’t go spending hundreds on eBay chasing after a limited copy of Fear Inoculum – there are more being printed. No word on when this might be, but I’d expect relatively soon. If you’re like… Read More »The second coming of Fear Inoculum

ToolArmy Pre-Sale revealed

In a disappointing, yet not entirely unexpected turn of events, Tool have revealed that the ToolArmy pre-sale for the upcoming North American tour will be VIP tickets only. Expected to be $500, these tickets feature a range of things which are cool and all, but you didn’t really need to spend $50 joining ToolArmy to receive. I’ve ranted about this disappointing state of affairs before. VIP tickets are a great… Read More »ToolArmy Pre-Sale revealed

Tool tour details and Toolarmy Pre-sale

Exciting news this morning with the North American Tool tour with Killing Joke is confirmed, and that a Toolarmy pre-sale seems to be happening. I can’t see any detail of this on the site just yet, but it mentions that September 4th is the on sale date. There should also be VIP packages available. DENVER, CO 10/15/19 DENVER, CO Pepsi Center https://www.altitudetickets.com/events/detail/tool SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH10/18/19 Salt Lake City, UT… Read More »Tool tour details and Toolarmy Pre-sale

Unconfirmed Tool Tour Dates appear

Update: the tour has now been confirmed on Toolband (and other social media) I’ve noticed a few rumblings around the place of Tool tour dates the last couple of days, and a graphic has appeared on Reddit recently showing a list of dates across the US and Canada in October and November. Seeing Killing Joke as the support act is a pretty cool addition too! At this stage, I haven’t… Read More »Unconfirmed Tool Tour Dates appear

Review: Fear Inoculum

It’s finally here! Today, August 30th 2019 Tool finally released their latest masterwork – Fear Inoculum. I’ve had a few days to digest this now, and figured to celebrate I’d throw together some words in the way of a review. Fear Inoculum The title track is the first on the album, and also the first released. I’ve reviewed this one already, and my opinion on the track hasn’t changed a… Read More »Review: Fear Inoculum

Fear Inoculum leaks

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Fear Inoculum seems to have leaked onto the internet. A couple of quick things: Please don’t post links to the leak in the comments section, they will be deleted I don’t mind discussion about the leak, or thoughts on the album Out of respect for the band and the process, I won’t be posting my thoughts here until Friday (I may discuss… Read More »Fear Inoculum leaks

Danny Carey speaks to the Trap Set

Cool interview released today, with Danny Carey speaking to Joe at the Trap Set in a pretty open and candid chat about Fear Inoculum and Tool in general. It’s oine of the best I’ve heard with Danny, so well worth the time to check out: Danny Carey is the rare artist with a wildly ambitious imagination, coupled with the virtuosic ability to manifest his singular ideas. Joe joined Danny at… Read More »Danny Carey speaks to the Trap Set

Track Listing and Reviews for Fear Inoculum Unleashed

A busy day today for us Tool website administrators, with a doubly whammy of Fear Inoculum news coming out while I’m firmly ensconced in my office. First up is the official confirmation of the Fear Inoculum track listing. This appeared on the @toolmusic Instagram account a few hours ago, and contains some interesting titles: Also out there today is a range of Fear Inoculum reviews from an assortment of media… Read More »Track Listing and Reviews for Fear Inoculum Unleashed

Review: Fear Inoculum (track)

Most of you have been paying attention, but I’ll state the obvious: Fear Inoculum, the title track from the new Tool album is out on all major music platforms. I’ve listened to it three times now, and loving it more each listen. My initial thoughts: Much like the other news songs played live, it’s very much a Tool track. They’re not breaking new ground here, more iterating on a theme.… Read More »Review: Fear Inoculum (track)