10,000 Days

Nostalgia: 10,000 Days Andy King Review

Nostalgia: 10,000 Days Andy King Review

With a new Tool album on the way, I thought it would be fun to review some of the posts that came out around the time of their last album 10,000 Days release. One review that sticks in mind is the infamous review from Andy King, who I believe was a radio DJ who attended a listening party. From memory he didn’t realise there was a non-disclosure agreement, and published… Read More »Nostalgia: 10,000 Days Andy King Review

10 years of 10,000 Days

Ten years has passed since the release of Tool’s last album 10,000 Days, and a couple of websites have celebrated the anniversary with some retrospectives. First up is Team Rock who feature an interview with Engineer Joe Barresi.  His discusses his first impressions of Tool, as well as some of the techniques used to record 10,000 Days. The second comes from Loudwire, who have compiled a series of quotes from… Read More »10 years of 10,000 Days

Travis Shinn discusses 10,000 Days photography

Ettan posted this interesting Youtube video the other day, which features Travis Shinn talking about the effort required to compose and shoot the liner note photos for Tool‘s 10,000 Days. Well worth your time if you have a few mionutes spare:

Happy Birthday Adam!

It’s Adam’s birthday in this part of the world, and as is tradition I shall post a Youtube video that contains some of his best work. The album 10,000 Days was pretty strong in regards to Adam’s guitar work, and while it’s easy to highlight Jambi as a defining solo, I actually think the solos in the 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) track are the best on the album. Maynard… Read More »Happy Birthday Adam!

Tool February 2012 Newsletter

Just to keep you all on your toes, Blair has posted the February Tool Newsletter for 2012. It doesn’t contain anything too exciting, but it does contain an apparent answer to the 10,000 Days puzzle. Let the complaining commence! Also, there’s a great photo of Justin!

Joe Barresi Interview

Christophe from Salival.fr emailed me today to let me know he’s just posted an interview he did with Joe Barresi regarding the recording of 10,000 Days.  Nothing groundbreaking in the interview, but a good read none the less: You’re said to be more focused on guitars, and first Danny Carey was even a little worried (tough he told he got the best sound with you). How did you manage with… Read More »Joe Barresi Interview

Tool Newsletter August 2009

Blair has released the August 2009 Tool newsletter.  He talks about several things, including him being sick, Danny hosting a BBQ for the stage crew, Puscifer tour dates, and a list of events coming up.  He also mentions that November 12th will be here soon (whatever that means). He also talks about, and shows a picture of Danny’s new Gong. Finally, he goes on to say “What do you think… Read More »Tool Newsletter August 2009

A General Warning

There seems to be plenty of dubious vinyl going around at the moment, including the recently posted 10,000 Days vinyl.  In the post I made it clear I felt it was a bootleg at the time, and really only mentioned it out of curiousity as I’d never seen a 10,000 Days vinyl before.  Following that post I was told by a somewhat reliable source that Tool were planning to do… Read More »A General Warning

Meet Adam Jones at Docters Without Borders Fundraiser

According to a recent post by Blair, Adam will be a greeter at an upcoming Docters Without Borders function in Malibu: Next week “Malibu Global Awareness” will be holding a series of fundraising events in support of “DOCTOR’S WITHOUT BORDERS.” ADAM will be a ‘greeter” at one of these “MID SUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM” events – helping with what is certainly a worthy cause on TUESDAY, JULY 14 at TAVERNA TONY… Read More »Meet Adam Jones at Docters Without Borders Fundraiser

10,000 Days Vinyl?

gnjasmkr send me a link today for an interesting item on Ebay. It is a copy of 10,000 Days on red vinyl.  I’ve never seen one of these personally, and will presume it’s some kind of bootleg for now, but it begs the question – is the “big thing” a release of 10,000 Days on vinyl? Edit: Link fixed!