10,000 Days

COSM Listening Party

According to Toolband (and I’m sure Toolarmy as well, though I can’t get on!): For those of you who plan on attending the 10,000 Days listening party at CoSM (FRIDAY, MAY 5th 8 PM – MIDNIGHT), at some point during the event Alex will be giving “an illustrated talk about his work and interaction with Tool.” Admission is $10.00. Sounds like fun to me. Wish I was in New York!

Meats Meier

James sent me a couple of links today to Meats Meier’s website. Meier provided a couple of the images for the 10,000 Days booklet. Check them out here: http://www.3dartspace.com/preview.php?id=87 http://www.3dartspace.com/preview.php?id=83 http://www.3dartspace.com/3dart/images/Reaching_blue_low.jpg http://www.3dartspace.com/3dart/images/Reaching_red_blue_low.jpg

10,000 Days received

I finally recieved my 10,000 Days CD in the post last night, and let me assure you all who haven’t yet invested, the packaging is awesome, and is well worth adding to your collection.  The CD is now available to purchase in most parts of the world, so if you’ve downloaded already, then now is the time to come good with the cash.  The drugs and hookers Tool take on… Read More »10,000 Days received

Sony Australia Tool Competition

Australian Tool fans can enter a competition on the Sony site to win a copy of 10,000 Days, a 10,000 Days blockmount and a copy of the “rare” Lateralus Vinyl. Probably not as “rare” as my signed vinyl though…. Go here for details.  Thanks to Nemesis for the tip on that.

Coachella, Rage, Sunrise

There’s plenty of bits and pieces floating around regarding the recent Coachella show.  A couple of guys at Toolnavy has posted some pictures of the show (though the one’s I’ve seen aren’t of great quality) and Distortion Online seems to have a few mp3s. Just a reminder that Tool are appearing on Rage this weekend as guest programmers.  The Rage website has a little preview video of Danny and Maynard… Read More »Coachella, Rage, Sunrise

US Midnight Sales

I’ve updated the list for Midnight Sales in the US, which, sadly for you guys is one of the few places to start selling 10,000 Days.  Anyway, mosey on over to the Midnight Sales page.  There’s still plenty of gaps, but based on that list it’s probably safe to say alot of Hastings and Tower Record stores seem to be having midnight sales, especially those in the CBDs.  If anyone’s… Read More »US Midnight Sales


Just a couple of little bits and pieces from the web the last couple of days: Some Signed Lateralus Vinyl is up on eBay at the moment.  Price is up to US$355 right at the moment…. Here’s a little interview with Maynard and Justin from the NZ Herald.  Speaks of rumours of a tour in November, but apart from that isn’t much different from the last 50 or so articles. … Read More »Snippets

COSM 10,000 Days Listening Party

Blair mentioned on Toolband/Army today that there will be a listening party at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City on Friday May the 5th from 10pm-Midnight. Feel free to head over there and hobnob with Alex Grey and his mates. More details to come…..

More UK Shows, COSM, Coachella

Several posts from Blair on Toolband/Army this morning.  Most importantly, the tour dates for the UK have been confirmed, and apparently more European dates will be confirmed soon: 6-11-06 GLASGOW, SCOTLAND/ACADEMY 6-13-06 HAMMERSMITH, UK/APOLLO 6-14-06 HAMMERSMITH, UK/APOLLO Blair also had the chance to watch Tool rehearse recently in an LA sound stage, and got to see, not only the news songs and set list, but also the visuals that will… Read More »More UK Shows, COSM, Coachella