Aenima DAT tapes

Aenima DAT tapes

Tool fan Richard Keenan has been posting on Facebook recently about a set of Aenima DAT tapes, which are a series of recordings, both released and unreleased from the Aenima sessions.  Today Richard shares with us the story of how he obtained these tapes.  It’s an interesting read, and maybe these recordings will see the light of day eventually: The story of my DAT tapes. Here is how the story goes.… Read More »Aenima DAT tapes

Weekly Update 18-Sept-2017

Only the second edition of this weekly update thing, and already I feel like I have bugger all to write about.  Strap yourselves in for a bunch of somewhat vaguely relevant “Tool” news! In this weeks edition: Aenima turns 21 Tool + Taylor Swift Mashup Signed “Chet Zar: I Like To Paint Monsters” DVD Documentary New music I’ve enjoyed this week! Aenima turns 21 Moreso than Undertow, I think Aenima… Read More »Weekly Update 18-Sept-2017

Axl Rose to join Tool on European tour

In news just at hand, Gun’s n’ Roses legend Axl Rose is reportedly filling in for Maynard on a special Tool tour to Europe later in 2016. Adam Jones says: “We connected with Axl recently at a party in Malibu, and got talking about Chinese Democracy and some of the problem he went through during it’s protracted writing/recording process. We had plenty in common, and it became apparent that we… Read More »Axl Rose to join Tool on European tour

My Tool Top 10: #6 Pushit

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of Aenima, Pushit is a powerful piece of love gone wrong, and is a popular one with many Tool fans. In fact I imagine quite a few would argue that #6 isn’t high enough! Not to mention the fact that I didn’t choose the Salival version (I do indeed prefer the original). Musically the song shows almost all of the colours of Tool. It has… Read More »My Tool Top 10: #6 Pushit

Happy Birthday Junior!

Happy Birthday to Tool Lighting Director Junior!  Looking forward to seeing what new lighting tricks you can show us all in 2012!  To celebrate here’s some of his finest work: Aenima 2010

Rare Aenima Master CD on Ebay

Amer contacted me today and asked my to plug his Ebay sale of an extremely rare copy of Aenima.  His description can describe it better than I can: "A [studio master is a] recording that, presumably, has been mastered at the same studio it has been mixed at. Most recordings are mastered at a mastering facility. For security purposes (since this was a CD made before Ænima was released for… Read More »Rare Aenima Master CD on Ebay

A General Warning

There seems to be plenty of dubious vinyl going around at the moment, including the recently posted 10,000 Days vinyl.  In the post I made it clear I felt it was a bootleg at the time, and really only mentioned it out of curiousity as I’d never seen a 10,000 Days vinyl before.  Following that post I was told by a somewhat reliable source that Tool were planning to do… Read More »A General Warning

Yellow Aenima Vinyl on Ebay

An interesting Ebay item was brought to my attention by psychadelicfur on Toolarmy today.  It’s an Ænima vinyl, though unlike the normal one is pressed on yellow vinyl (pic below).  The article mentions that it’s a “Special Collectors Edition”.  It’s currently going for a relatively cheap price of £39.99. Some have suggested this is a bootleg of some kind, which would come as no great surprise to me. Anyone got… Read More »Yellow Aenima Vinyl on Ebay

Tool Smokebox Screensaver

I’ve had a few requests over the life of Fourtheye for a link to the Ænima Smokebox Screensaver.  Today I recieved another one, and decided that I’d finally upload it onto Fourtheye for anyone who wants it.  It can be downloaded here and is about 2.6MB in size. According to the readme associated with the screensaver, it was created by KungFuJesus and isnieZot and was originally hosted one the now… Read More »Tool Smokebox Screensaver