Alex Grey

Toronto Rumour, Danny’s Drum

Got an email today talking of “rumours flying around” about a Toronto Tool gig at the Molson Ampitheatre on the 7th of August. Seems to fit into their current schedule, but I’ve heard nothing concrete at this stage.  Have added this to the rumours section on the  Tour Page. Also, Blair posted an article on Toolband talking about a Volto! gig on the 5th of June.  Included with the article… Read More »Toronto Rumour, Danny’s Drum

Adam and Alex Grey Collectors Set

For those of you who missed the Signed Salival Sale the other day, and still have US$200 burning a hole in your wallet, a Collectors Set available at the CoSM website is for you. Featuring copies of the Vicarious and Parabola DVD signed by Adam, as well as the Revolver Tool issue signed by both Adam and Alex. Presumably limited so don’t miss out!

Tool in Guitar Hero 4?

A usually reliable source told me over the weekend that Tool will be appearing in Guitar Hero 4, with the track Schism, Vicarious and Parabola available to play.  Apparently the graphics used during the songs will not be the usual seen in GH, but a conglomerate of Alex Grey artwork and the eyes from Lateralus and Aenima.  More details on this as they come to hand. Sounds like fun, but… Read More »Tool in Guitar Hero 4?

CoSM Benfit in Los Angeles

According to Toolband/Army: There will be a benefit party for ALEX GREY’s CHAPEL OF SACRED MIRRORS (CoSM) at CRASH MANSION in Los Angeles on FRIDAY, JANUARY 18. The party will include LIVE PAINTING by Alex and Allyson Grey, a screening of TOOL‘s “Vicarious” video (as well as the ‘making of’ documentary), future CoSM news, psychedelic audiovisuals and more. Crash Mansion is located at 1024 S. Grand Ave, L.A., CA., and… Read More »CoSM Benfit in Los Angeles

Vicarious DVD Review

I received my copy of the Vicarious DVD one Tuesday, and after watching all the of the various parts of it, I felt it was about time to share my opinion with you all. If any of you want to share your thoughts on the DVD, feel free to comment below. I may well put a poll up at some point in the next few days too. The Vicarious DVD… Read More »Vicarious DVD Review

Entheologue With Alex Grey

On December 21st at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Alex Grey will be presenting a special  screening of Vicarious as well as a documentary of the making of the video.  Once again the Vicarious Video is a collaboration between Tool and Alex Grey, and I know there’s a lot of us out there very interested in the results. The session costs $25, and this includes an autographed copy of the… Read More »Entheologue With Alex Grey

Vicarious Video Details

Since the truth is now out there, I’ll reveal what I know about the Vicarious video.  It’s not much really.  Here’s a copy of the letter I was forwarded over a week ago now, and sworn to secrecy: Hello, It’s with great excitement that we announce Tool’s long-awaited “Vicarious” DVD, featuring the unreleased video “Vicarious” and other content, will be released December 18 2007. As always with Tool, exact packaging… Read More »Vicarious Video Details

For Sale: Hope and Fear

According to the latest CoSM newsletter, Alex Grey is auctioning his works Hope and Fear to raise money for the purchase or permanant land for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  The paintings were recently displayed at the Burning Man Festival.  Personally I don’t think it’s Alex Grey’s best work by a long shot, but if you’re a die-hard and have a big enough wall, then I’m sure it’d be very… Read More »For Sale: Hope and Fear

Pre Sales, Italia, COSM

According to Toolband/Army Pre-Sales for several newly announced Tool shows are happening on Friday the 20th of April. Tickets then go on sale publically the next day. In other touring news, Tool are also playing with Nine Inch Nails at the Independant Days Festival in Italy this September. Thanks to Jurden and Mattia for the tip there. Finally, it looks like Alex Grey is visiting Italy later this year. Alex… Read More »Pre Sales, Italia, COSM