Aloke Dutta

Aloke Dutta and his band SWATI.

Aloke Dutta playing in Hawaii

Tabla master Aloke Dutta is visiting Hawaii in July, and will be playing a house show on Kauai on the 19th. According to Facebook: You are invited to a rare musical occasion, to see and hear the tabla maestro, Aloke Dutta, in an intimate house concert on Kauai. Aloke Dutta has taught tabla to some of the most influential drummers of our time, most notably: Danny Carey of Tool Pat… Read More »Aloke Dutta playing in Hawaii

Aloke Dutta Competition

After the interview with Aloke the other day, forum regular Mog suggested we run a competition where the prize is a free one hour lesson with Aloke via Skype. Mog graciously donated the fee for the lesson (valued at $100), and Aloke has agree to provide the winner with a PDF copy of one of his books to help with the lesson. The lesson itself is suitable for all musicians… Read More »Aloke Dutta Competition

Aloke Dutta Interview

As promised in a recent post, I collected questions from many Fourtheye readers, and then presented them to Aloke Dutta via the wonders of Facebook. A couple of hours later and I had a response! How’s that for efficiency! Without further ado I present the answers: Is there any possibility of you playing with Tool again? ALOKE DUTTA: Sure, once they get their shit together! Individually, all four band members… Read More »Aloke Dutta Interview

Aloke Dutta in New York and Boston

Aloke Dutta is playing a few shows in New York and Boston later this month, and promoter KC Solaris asked me if I’d give you guys a gentle reminder! Here’s some details: Aloke will be doing a RARE 2 hour solo performance, a 2 hour Rhythm Concepts Workshop (description and details below), and offering Private Lessons in both New York and Boston. Tickets to both solo performances are available by… Read More »Aloke Dutta in New York and Boston

Aloke Dutta Interview on LA Weekly

Things are pretty quiet on the Tool front at the moment, so to keep you guys coming to the site, I think I may start posting a little more “Tool-related” news than normal. Otherwise I just end up with nothing to post! To start with, here’s an interview with Aloke Dutta on LA Weekly I came across this morning, which is well worth your time: Dutta is a talented drummer,… Read More »Aloke Dutta Interview on LA Weekly

Danny Drum Clinic & Maynard Winemaking Videos

A few videos have come over my desk the last few days, and I’m finally getting around to posting them. The first are a range of videos from the recent Danny Carey, Aloke Dutto, Terry Bozzio drum clinic in Kansas.  There’s a stack of them out there, but here’s the best I found: There’s also a video Maynard talking about his winery and the viability of the industry in Northern… Read More »Danny Drum Clinic & Maynard Winemaking Videos

Danny Carey Drum Clinic Review

Danny Carey, along with Aloke Dutta and Terry Bozzio held a Drum Clinic in Kansas over the weekend, and Fourtheye reader Sniper36 was happy to share his review of the event: So I went to the clinic from Denver, flew in Saturday and out Sunday. All in all it was worth it, but thats just me being optimistic. I did really enjoy it, however there were a few things that… Read More »Danny Carey Drum Clinic Review

Danny Carey Kansas Drum Clinic

Danny Carey will be joined by Aloke Dutta and Terry Bozzio at a drum clinic to be held in Kansas later this year: Some news for those who like drumming: “On September 19th 2009 Explorers Percussion is proud to bring you our Anniversary Event featuring: Terry Bozzio, Danny Carey, and Aloke Dutta. To celebrate 25 years of business and show our thanks to our loyal customers we have put together… Read More »Danny Carey Kansas Drum Clinic

June 2008 Newsletter

As promised, Blair released the June 2008 newsletter, and this time it contains some “details” of what’s up in the Tool world. Head over to Toolband/Army to read it, but here’s my summary. Adam is: working on some undisclosed entertainment industry related project? Guitar Hero perhaps? also involved in the construction of some future band-related endeavor. Building a recording studio perhaps? Spending time playing Halo 3 and watching Baseball games… Read More »June 2008 Newsletter

Aloke OK, Volto! coming soon

According to a recent post by Blair on Toolband/Army, Aloke is recovering well from his heart surgery in his home town of Shantiniketan, India. Good news… Also, Volto! will be playing at the Knitting Factory in LA on March 15. Make sure you grab a ticket!  prepare yourself, here’s a cool drum solo courtesy of rnp2003 from Toolarmy. Finally, for those that missed it, there’s a new NIN album out… Read More »Aloke OK, Volto! coming soon