Meta-Review: Tool – Monster Mash Festival, Tempe AZ October 31st, 2015

On Saturday the 31st of October, Tool played a show as part of the Monster Mash Festival in Tempe, Arizona. This post is a meta-review collecting information from a range of sources. Tool fans who attended the show are welcome to post their thoughts and reviews in the comment section below! The show featured a slightly revised set with a large video screen behind the band with a heptagram in… Read More »Meta-Review: Tool – Monster Mash Festival, Tempe AZ October 31st, 2015

Tool VIP Event round-up

The Tool VIP Event has come and gone, and as expected it included a rehearsal and a Q & A session. A warning for those wanting to stay spoiler free for the show – rehearsal included a couple of surprises, which may or may not bne reflected in the setlist, so I’d avoid reading much further. At the session where Adam Jones, Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. Maynard wasn’t in… Read More »Tool VIP Event round-up

Tool Monster Mash Poster Revealed

The poster for the Tool show this coming weekend at the Monster Mash Festival has been revealed in full, and as expected it’s and art piece created by guitar player Adam Jones. It is a painting of a bug, which obviously inspires thoughts of Rance Q. Spartley, or possibly Ticks & Leeches. Either way, it’s a cool piece of art and one of the best ones we’re seen in recent… Read More »Tool Monster Mash Poster Revealed

Maynard speaks with AZ Central

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In the leadup to the release of Money Shot (now streaming on Pandora in case you missed it) Maynard James Keenan has had an interview with AZ Central about Puscifer and the the making of the new album. Nothing especially revealing in the interview, but is a good read regardless (the website is a bit shit though). Here’s a cut: Question: How do you know when it’s time to start… Read More »Maynard speaks with AZ Central

Tool to perform at VIP Event

Confirmed by Blair today is Tool‘s intention to perform a rehearsal as part of the VIP Event in Arizona: While hanging out at the loft yesterday , I overheard (fly on the wall that I am) a band member talking about doing a REHEARSAL during the upcoming TOOL VIP EVENT. Wow, a REHEARSAL would certainly be a bonus attraction, especially for those who don’t have a ticket for the festival… Read More »Tool to perform at VIP Event

Tool VIP Experience on sale now

The Tool VIP Experience package prior to the Monster Mash show is soon on sale via Toolband! As expected the prices are high ($499.98), and while I expect there will be some complainers, it is what it is. The conditions of entry contain one quite interesting waiver, which make you wonder what they have in store for those attending: 7. You will be required to sign a waiver upon check-in.… Read More »Tool VIP Experience on sale now

Tool VIP Experience details for Phoenix Arizona

Blair has given us an update on the Tool VIP experience happening on Friday October 30th prior to the Monster Mash Festival show in Arizona: I have an update on the announcement from Tool management concerning an intimate VIP experience featuring members of the band: DATE: Friday, October 30th LOCATION: Marquee Theatre 730 N Hill Ave. Tempe, AZ TIME: 4:30pm EVENT DETAILS: – LIVE Q & A – One time… Read More »Tool VIP Experience details for Phoenix Arizona

Tool VIP session announced

As promised, there was a special announcement from Tool on September 23rd, though it’s probably safe to say it’s not the kind of announcement many were hoping for. Instead it gives details of a special Tool VIP session happening the day before the Monster Mash show in Arizona. Details are below: Thank you for your attention concerning an important announcement from TOOL. For those of you who are planning to… Read More »Tool VIP session announced

New Puscifer date in Prescott, Arizona

Regular Puscifer reportee fortysixand2 tells me that there’s a new Puscifer date added to the tour, this time on the 14th of December at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center in Prescott, Arizona: Puscifer, who recently announced their new album, Money Shot, and the release of the “Grand Canyon” video will be returning to the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center in Prescott on Monday, December 14 at 7:30 p.m. Pre-sale… Read More »New Puscifer date in Prescott, Arizona

Puscifer Officially Added to Monster Mash

As expected, Puscifer have officially been added to the Monster Mash lineup on November 1st with Linkin Park, Rob Zombie and Deftones. No word on if Drown By Mom will also be playing. Get tickets here!