Chet Zar – The Administrators Down Under

Chet Zar – The Administrators Down Under

Tool collaborator Chet Zar will have some of his work on display in the Bien Art Gallery in Brunswick, Victoria from mid July: OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, July 13, from 6–9 pm. Free entry. This exhibition will be on view from July 14 to August 4, concurrently with Dark Art 2019. This show depicts a new class of beings in Dy5topia, the alternate dystopian reality that serves as the setting for… Read More »Chet Zar – The Administrators Down Under

Adi Granov selling original Tool artwork

You think you’re a Tool superfan? Sure you’ve dropped hundreds on VIP passes, Lateralus vinyls, limited edition First Editions of Danny’s book and even a Tool blanket – but do you own an original piece of Tool artwork? If you have a bunch of money and just don’t know what to do with it, then I have good news. Artist Adi Granov is selling the originals of a couple of… Read More »Adi Granov selling original Tool artwork

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski

Just before Xmas I watched on Netflix Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski, which had come to my attention because it features Tool‘s own Adam Jones.  It’s a fascinating documentary, or a quite intriguing artist who has made quite an impact on Adam, who is as most of you should know a reasonably accomplished sculptor himself. Here’s the trailer: Polish sculpture not your thing? Perhaps you’d be interested in… Read More »Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski

Adam posts a “Mid progress Cover Art for P@M”

An interesting post on Instagram today from Adam, where he gives us a “Mid progress Cover Art for P@M”. The image itself looks kinda “Toolish” and is quite similar to another he posted a week ago. The question is – is Adam working on some kind of art for a future Tool release? Is it for the “curveball” or for the new album? Is it for a video? What the… Read More »Adam posts a “Mid progress Cover Art for P@M”

Adam to provide art for new Red Hare album

Looks like one of the pieces Adam shared recently on Instagram wasn’t for Tool, but for punk band Red Hare‘s album Nites of Midnight. I’ve never heard of Red Hare but they consist of Swiz members Jason Farrell (also of Bluetip and Retisonic), Shawn Brown (also of Dag Nasty and Jesus Eater), Dave Eight (Swiz and Bluetip), as well as Joe Gorelick (of Garden Variety, Retisonic, and Bluetip). Here’s a… Read More »Adam to provide art for new Red Hare album

Original Oil Painting of Puscifer tour poster by Leslie Ditto

An interesting item popped up on Ebay recently – an original oil painted of a recent Puscifer tour: According to the description: This is a rare opportunity to own an original painting of one of the most Ionic figures in music today. …. for auction….The Original 36″x24″ oil on canvas painting created in 2012 by Leslie Ditto for Puscifer’s 2012 Conditions of My Parole Summer Tour Poster. Also included …one… Read More »Original Oil Painting of Puscifer tour poster by Leslie Ditto

Adam posts a Toolish teaser?

Adam has posted in Instagram a partial image of something that looks like a drawing of his. No clues as to what it is except for the hash tag #soon: Your guess is as good as mine as to what it’s for. Is it a poster for a coming tour (Tool or otherwise)? Is it some kind of artwork from the “unexpected” project or perhaps from the Pot DVD? Any… Read More »Adam posts a Toolish teaser?

The Bride Screamed Adam

According to Blair, a very limited edition (only 100 copies) of The Melvins latest album The Bride Screamed Murder featuring artwork by Adam will go on sale here sometime tonight.  No word on what time it will be, so I expect you guys will spam the site and bring it down soon!  Good luck to potential buyers, limit is one per customer, and from memory the albums cost US$50 each… Read More »The Bride Screamed Adam

Tool Army need your help

An email came out today from Toolarmy (I didn’t seem to get a copy, despite being a member), asking for help in locating some specific pieces of Tool art.  If you have any thing listed below in your collection, then please check out the website mentioned and submit it. Dear Tool Army, The band would greatly appreciate a little help. We are looking for samples of advertisements that contain certain… Read More »Tool Army need your help