More Puscifer Posters on Ebay

Milla emailed me today to let me know that a couple more Autographed Puscifer posters from the Vegas shows are on Ebay.  For those with short memories, these posters were sold at the shows with the price being $300 for a set of three.

Puscifer Signed Tour Posters on Ebay

Milla emailed me today to tell me that three of the signed tour posters are up on Ebay, each starting at $100.  According to the item notes: There were 3 Puscifer shows this weekend, (Friday the 13th, Saturday the 14th, and today (Sunday the 15th). There were UNIQUE posters for each show that are ONLY BEING SOLD ON THEIR RESPECTIVE NIGHTS. (meaning that if you went on Friday the 13th,… Read More »Puscifer Signed Tour Posters on Ebay

More Salival, Other Bits…

I’ve got another couple of the Signed Salival shots for you all to enjoy, this time from Will and Korax.  Since I’ve got quite a few now I’ve started a new page where you can admire all of them.  Thanks to all the contributor so far and I welcome further submissions. Dan emailed me this link the other day that suggests that a version of the King Crimson classic  Schizoid… Read More »More Salival, Other Bits…

Adam and Alex Grey Collectors Set

For those of you who missed the Signed Salival Sale the other day, and still have US$200 burning a hole in your wallet, a Collectors Set available at the CoSM website is for you. Featuring copies of the Vicarious and Parabola DVD signed by Adam, as well as the Revolver Tool issue signed by both Adam and Alex. Presumably limited so don’t miss out!

Autographed DC Splash Cymbal

  • Tool
US Radio station Rock 1065 are auctioning a splash cymbal autographed by all four Tool member with all money raised going to the Kids First Of The Carolinas charity.  If you’re in a giving mood, and want a piece of a signed drumkit, then check it out.